Update: 06-23-18

This will be just a quick update as I have been busy but do not have too many pictures to show for it.

  • The next ornament was started on June 1 and finished on June 5. It is “Joy” by Hands to Work from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue. The fabric is tea and coffee died orange 16-count Aida and the flosses are the called-for DMC colors. I am pleased with how this turned out. The orange is actually a little bit darker, however, the lighting washed it out.20180605_212911
  • At the beginning of this month, I was still working on a pair of socks that I had started May 12, 2018. The second sock was finally finished on June 8, 2018. The pattern is an older one that had a different heel and a round toe for me to learn. I prefer my regular heel and a kitchnered toe, but this was an opportunity to learn something new and so I took it. The yarn is a Knit Picks wool sock yarn, however I have to confess I don’t remember what it was or the colorway. I do have to say that the finished sock does not look anything like the skein of yarn that it came from. These are comfortable and will be great come cooler weather.
  • A pair of Toe Up Footsies have been started using the yarn left from the above socks as well as some blue wool for the toes. Small bits of progress have been made, but not nearly as much as I would like. Hopefully, pictures will be available by next post.
  • DS’s Christmas stocking has seen some work this month. I put in a bit of time, and hope to get a bit more in before the end of the month. A lot depends on the garden, yard, new shed, and house projects that we are trying to complete as well as jobs, finishing up DS’s driver’s training so he can take his driving test, and getting ready for vacation next month. I hope to take the stocking with me on vacation and get at least a bit done as I would still like to get this completed by Christmas this year. The darker “red” is what I worked on this time. This is not the greatest of pictures, however the light just is not good tonight.20180623_213759
  • On June 15, I started another ornament by Lady Bug Lane from the same magazine. This is “Miracles Happen”. The fabric is 14-count Aida with the called-for DMC except that the Blanc was replaced by B5200 and I used a 11/0 Mill Hill seed bead instead of the beads called for. I also did not order the red heart bead listed. Still, I like how it turned out. Stitching was completed on June 21, 2018.20180621_231546
  • On June 18, three pairs of sleep shorts were sewn for DH. He likes these and will hopefully be happy to have them when we go on vacation. They have already been put into use. Fabric was from Joanne’s Memorial Day Sale. I was able to sew these up in 2-3 hours (not including cutting them out). 20180618_171935

Another ornament was started on June 22 as I am going to be quite busy in July. I am hoping to also have that ornament done soon. It is a biscornu from the same ornament issue. I have substituted fabric and beads to save on money.

Hopefully, I will be able to post a gardening and canning update soon. These areas have been busy and there is some to tell. Perhaps in another two weeks there will even be an update about our hen that has been sitting on at least four eggs. I am really hoping that she has some new little hens and not another rooster as we could use some younger ones to build up egg production again. We will see how all of this goes as our temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-80s to mid-90s this coming week. I see yard, garden, house, and chicken work in my immediate future. 🙂

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Update: 18th Birthday

Tonight we celebrated DS’s 18th birthday. Tomorrow he will officially be an adult and we will no longer have “children” in our household. For two more years we will have a teenager and then no more. We have been very blessed with our children who have grown into a wonderful young lady and a wonderful young man. The years have gone way too fast for us and yet for them have probably dragged. They are moving forward into their “adulting” and will pursue their dreams. I love them and pray that God will bless them and guide them in all that they do. Mike 18th birthday a

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What is with the weather?!

So the weather is super strange this year! Last week we had high temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s and then the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Typically we are still in the 70s and starting to look at the 80s on occasion. It makes it hard to start a garden, but we fight our way through it.

However, we have arrived at a truly confusing weather week. The last two days have had temperatures that barely hit 70° F and when I woke up this morning it was 39° F! Talk about a shock to my system. Here I was planning to go out and mow the lawn and it is downright cold! So I have to put the lawn mowing off for a few hours but it will still get done. And the trellis for the raspberries will be finished today with fabric put over it to shade the raspberries from the crazy temperature swings because…tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 90° F! Yes, you read that correctly. It is not a fat-finger slip up to scare everyone. Temperatures beginning 061218The rest of the temperatures make sense, even today’s, but Wednesday’s just doesn’t make sense at all.

Plan of Action: I will complete as much outside work today as I can get done and then work on inside projects tomorrow. I have plenty of each so should keep busy and might even get a proper stitching/crafting update up tomorrow UNLESS I am too busy stitching and crafting.


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