Update 2-16-18

The last two weeks have been busy with kids’ school, husband’s Masters work, my work and home schedule and youth group events. It seems that every day is full to the brim with plenty to accomplish and never enough hours to do it all. In addition, the weather has turned colder this week which is a necessary but not totally welcome change in our part of the country. We saw our first snow for this year just four days ago and while it was not very deep, it covered the front lawn for awhile. 20180212_082453The snow only lasted long enough to freak out everyone on the road before it melted and then the temperatures plunged into the mid-20s to low-40s. I do not mind the low 40s but we were used to 50s and 60s so my blood needs to thicken up again.

Another ornament was started on the 1st of February and completed on the 9th. I honestly cannot tell you why it took so long other than I thought I would never finish the blue. This is “O Starry Night” from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue and designed by Little by Little Design Co. I used a scrap of Aida and the called for DMC colors. 20180209_221025In between stitching on this ornament I also worked on DH’s Earl Grey socks. While I have been stitching on them many days, I still haven’t completed the foot so that I can knit the toe. When I get that far I will take another picture. I did cast on a pair of socks with non-wool yarn on the 2nd, but have not gotten past the ribbing. The color is a lovely mash up of pinks and other colors so I am using a pattern that is fairly simple with no lace and very little texture.

DH and I celebrated 28 years of marriage a day early on the 10th of this month. He took me out to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants called Jalapenos for dinner in between a youth event in the afternoon and set up for another youth event late in the same evening. We had a two enchilada dinner plate with rice and beans followed by flan which we shared. Because our anniversary falls in one of the busiest times of our youth group work, we have not really been able to celebrate it for the past four years so this year, we made a point of taking time out. I must say it was lovely to spend time together without other interruptions.

On the 13th of the month, I pulled out a piece of Valentine’s fabric that DH did not know I had purchased and after digging through my patterns, cut out and sewed a pair of long boxer shorts for DH for Valentine’s. He had mentioned just last week how much he liked the other pair I made. There are no pictures, however I can tell you that he has already worn them twice so I believe they were a hit. He loves them for sleeping in.

Lastly, on Valentine’s Day I finished up a cross stitch project that I have been working on for a long time. I actually put it away for several years because I made mistakes and when I pulled it back out, I could not figure out where they were so I just fudged and finished it anyway. 20180214_155752Please ignore the wrinkles. I had this in a hoop which is not the way I usually stitch, and wanted to post a picture before anymore time passed. The fabric is a pale pink Aida in 18 or 22-count. DMC threads in the called-for colors were used except for the edge of the wings and the small silver needle in her left hand. The edge of her wings is a Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid in orange. The needle is a single long stitch using a silver Kreinik 001HL thread. The pattern is “Nostalgic Notions” from a Leisure Arts book titled Sweeter than the Rose that was given to me by my mom in 1998. Some of the patterns in it are very dated, but there are a few more that I would like to stitch. This one will be used to make the Needlework Organizer in the book. However, I am not sure just when I will put it together as I will need to purchase the vintage-look material and that will require a trip to Joann’s with stitching in hand.

So for now I can only say that I have started the second ornament for this month designed by Milady’s Needle. I do not have much done at all and can say that this one may take a bit of time as it is on 36-count linen one over two and I have not stitched that way in a long time or that small of a linen count. The stitches are delicate and that is very enjoyable. Maybe when I post again I will have a progress picture to share.

Thank you for your encouragement. Wish me luck as I try to avoid sending an order in to Knit Picks or 123stitch just yet. DH found some yarn that he likes at Knit Picks however he does not wear sweaters as they are too hot for him and the yarn is worsted weight. I would not know what to make out of it and while I love to fondle yarn, other than worsted weight socks, I’m not sure what I would knit. The order to 123stitch will happen eventually as I need a Dinky Dye floss and some whisper thread for two future ornaments, but I’m hoping to delay it just a bit longer.

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Update 1-31-18

I honestly do not know where this month has gone, but it appears we are already one month down on 2018. Each year as I get older, the time passes faster and I have to fight to get lots done–or at least everything done that I want to. Amazingly, this month has been productive, though maybe not quite in every way that I want.

Since January 10, the following has happened in the crafting:

  • I kept crocheting on my handbag made from two smaller Caron Cakes. The bag was completed on January 15 and I have been using it to carry two projects around.  The skeins of yarn inside are for two projects that have yet to be started. Maybe those will show up as WIPs or FOs in a later post.  20180115_205537
  • On the 15th of January I began my third ornament of the month which was actually the first ornament scheduled for the month of January. Ok, that sounds confusing, however I had already made two in January that were carried over from December 2017. The stitching was completed on January 19. Again this was from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue. The designer is My Mark. The fabric was a coffee-dyed 14-count Aida with the called for DMC. 20180119_215554
  • In between working on the above ornament, I also put in a few more rows on DH’s Earl Grey socks. Unfortunately I didn’t take an updated picture. I hope to get more work done on these in the next few weeks.
  • The same day I completed the stitching on the above ornament, I started my final, second/fourth ornament for the month. When I completed it on January 24, I was caught up with my stitching of ornaments through the month of January. The only part I didn’t catch up on was fully finishing two ornaments. I will now have to fully finish four ornaments in February to make up for that and get me back on track. The final ornament was from the same magazine and was designed by The Sunflower Seed. This was a scrap of 18-count white Aida with the called for DMC and a substitution of Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid that is hard to see. It was used for the snow around the base of each tree, the splashes above the waves and the whitecaps on the waves. Small gold beads are in the border as shown on the pattern.20180124_204739
  • In the challenge with my BFF to work on parts of a crocheted Nativity, I started the Ox on January 22. The head is stuffed and the body is started, but just looking at it, you cannot tell what they are yet. No pictures at this point, but I must get busy as this one was to be done by today and sadly isn’t.
  • Finally, I put off the above Ox by starting a pair of crocheted socks that were the Furls Crochet January Challenge. The final clue came out on January 29 and today I finished the last sock. The yarn is Debbie Norville Serenity Sock Weight in the Teal Tease colorway. I like the yarn and would like to get another two skeins of the same colorway to knit up a plain or fairly plain pair of socks to see what they would look like knitted. These fit nice and now I can help my BFF finish up the beautiful pair she is working on. Her pattern is different, but she needed help on the heel and now I have a bit of understanding on how a crochet heel is put together versus as knitted heel. 20180131_192025Even though I don’t make a lot of striped socks and this is my first pair of crocheted socks, these went fast and were easy to figure out. While I prefer knitted socks, the occasional crocheted pair  might be ok.

Tomorrow I start another ornament from the same magazine. It will be easier since I only have two to make and came work on some of my other projects. I hope to get the ox finished and maybe work on the camel for the Nativity set. Also hope to get four ornaments fully finished and maybe finish another pair of socks that are already started. We will see how things go as February is a shorter month.

Hopefully all of your crafting goals are being met and you are relaxing your way through them. Thank you for your encouragement!

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Update 01-10-18

20180103_110911Happy New Year! This appears to be the year of the mischievous cat. For the first time ever, Scooter has decided that exploring the inside of the dryer in between loads is great fun! And don’t worry. All bottles of bleach and fabric softener are tightly closed as we don’t want anything happening to the little monster! 🙂 He has endeavored to be bad as often as possible lately which has meant that he hasn’t been in good graces. If I didn’t know better I would think we have another teenager in the house! Scooter made a deliberate choice last Thursday to lose both his flea and regular collars somewhere. When DH with DS’s help tried to put a new flea collar on him on Friday, Scooter decided to fight and claw his way free with a collar partly on. DH is still healing from the scratches.

And if that wasn’t enough, last night after Scooter had tried to pull the blanket off the back of the chair I was sitting in, he went into DD’s room, jumped up on her bed and immediately peed in the middle of it. DD was so mad that he was chased into the dining room and then when he wouldn’t go further, she picked him up and put him in the garage. Her bed had to be stripped and cleaned, of course, and Scooter has lost access to both kids’ rooms during the day when they aren’t home for the foreseeable future. We are not sure what prompted such naughtiness, but I am finishing washing the blankets and quilts on her bed and to make sure that everything is ok so he has no good reason for this behavior, DD cleaned his litterbox again last night before she went to bed. And no, no teenager that I know would have done this. Fight with you, yes! Wet the bed, NO! He is healthy but terribly naughty right now.

Anyway, on to a quick update! I have been trying to complete the two ornaments from December before the 15th of January. The first one is completed: 20180104_151045This ornament was started on January 1 and finished on January 4. It is by Midsummer Night Designs and from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue. I also worked on a handbag that I am crocheting from a Caron Cake. There is no picture for that yet, though I am working up the sides.

On January 4 I started the ornament that was to have been stitched beginning on December 15, 2017. This ornament has a long list of DMC and a metallic thread that I wouldn’t have expected for such a small ornament. The detail is great, but sometimes I have only stitched 5-10 stitches in a single color, so if I had known that I might not have purchased new skeins for all of them. However, I suspect if I had not, I would have needed more than I had. 20180110_144623This is my progress on “Daddy’s Angel” by Serendipity Designs from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue. Sometime today I hope to begin adding the colors that are blended with gold blending filament. I’m not sure how long that will take and then I just have French knots and backstitching. Hopefully I will finish by the 15th so that I can spend the second half of the month stitching the two ornaments I had planned for January.

Progress is being made however, we will have to see how well I can accomplish the goals I have set. Thank you to those of you who have cheered me along! Something tells me I will need all the encouragement I can get. If I can just keep up with stitching ornaments, add in a pair of socks to finish, and get through the final planning for the Pathfinder event in March, I will feel successful!


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