Can you hear me now?

Happy New Year’s! Last evening while I was knitting away after a lovely but way too short phone call with my oldest sister, my voice decided that it wanted to go missing to start the New Year. The phone call had been short because I knew I was losing my voice, but still I wanted desperately to talk to her. Hopefully my voice will be back soon so we can talk again. It also needs to come back before tomorrow at least a little bit because I need to make an appointment with my doctor for another matter and can’t very well do that if they can’t hear my whispers over the phone. It has been almost there years since this has happened, and I hope my cold goes away soon and my voice comes back from its vacation! My throat doesn’t hurt but I do have a little bit of a cough. I am not so fond of whispering!

Along with some knitting on DD’s sweater last evening and watching old episodes of “Monk”, I soaked the black-eyed peas for supper tonight. When I first covered them with water, the dry beans quickly soaked it all up and swelled like crazy. I added more water before I went to bed. This morning, there was still a wee bit of water so after rinsing them and removing all the separated husks, I put the peas in the crock pot.

They smell really good!

They smell really good!

Sorry for the crummy picture, but it is cloudy here today and the pictures I took were all way too dark. Chopped onions, minced garlic, salt, black pepper, and cumin were added to the beans and they will cook for the next four hours. Then I will try this recipe with part of them. This will be part of our supper and the rest will be frozen for later use. The only change I plan on making for this recipe is to use frozen chile peppers from last summer’s garden instead of jalapeños. The package of chile peppers is thawing in the fridge. We will also have salad and perhaps some other food, but this will be a nice change from black-eyed peas and cornbread. DS and DD aren’t real fond of black-eyed peas and usually drown them in ketchup but we’ll try this for a change. I’ll let you know it if is any good.

Late this afternoon we have an unscheduled meeting with the youth group staff. Lots of changes and challenges going on there. It is particularly challenging for us right now because we received our official acceptance as area coordinators on Christmas Eve, so we have to be careful of our roles. We are not staff of the local group any longer but because we are still seeing the Bible Achievement Team through their study sessions and competitions this year (through at least March 9), we are still involved. With no voice, this meeting should be interesting. Maybe I’m not supposed to say anything? 🙂

Off to do some knitting and watch more episodes of “Monk”. DD doesn’t work today but DH works tonight so he’s sleeping and she’s relaxing and playing on her computer with DS. I just want to drink lots of water, eat a good lunch and rest. Had other plans, but need to do this now so I can get well.

Stay safe and hopefully 2013 will be a wonderful year!


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