Silence is not always golden

In the land of the silent voice, having to conduct business and take care of things totally goes against the saying that “Silence is golden”. It is not “golden” around here as I am still mostly whispering although occasionally I am getting a hoarse, teenage boy cracking voice sound, too. I am taking generic Tussin DM every 4 hours to try and alleviate this whole mess. I don’t have congestion or a sore throat. Just no voice!

Today, this meant that once again I had to go pick up a cd and report for x-rays for DH to take to a doctor’s appointment on Monday, AFTER trying to hold a conversation with the clinic where the report was over the phone. They were gracious to put up with my whispers, but I had to say that it wasn’t the greatest way to conduct business.

I have also mostly stayed inside while making sure that DS frequently took care of little “chores” outside. He was none too charmed at those “opportunities” but did them anyway. Today it was 3 degrees when we woke up and only got up to about 16 degrees. Tonight it is supposed to be down to 6 degrees by I don’t know if it will get there or not. I know I’m sick and tired of the cold. It took the furnace until 12:30 PM today to warm the house up to 68 degrees because we let it get down to 60 degrees at night. It got colder than that about 1-1 1/2 hours before the furnace was supposed to kick on so probably went down to 59 degrees.  I don’t want it running all night either so we burrow under blankets and wear flannel or fleece or thermal jammies.

Anyway, DS didn’t let the chickens out today because it was just too cold. It did get warm enough in their coop that he was able to turn off their heat lamp for a bit. But as soon as the temps started dropping rapidly, he turned it back on. I’m not looking forward to our electric bill. And the temp is already down to 7-8 degrees tonight. The forecast shows that it might be up to 40 degrees in a few days. I’m afraid that will feel like a heat wave.

I bundled up to take DD to work and then dropped by the clinic on the way home. I also went across to GPID’s and took care of his business for the week. Thank goodness that I have been able to keep up with it mostly at home so there wasn’t too much to do and I could run back over to home and not be out in the cold. If you tried to breathe in the cold air, it froze your nose hairs and made your throat tingle. Not great when you are trying to get your voice back.

DH graciously went to pick up DD from work tonight so I worked hard to make a nice hot supper for them. We are trying to use the things that we canned and froze from our garden so I made:

Layered Tomato Squash Casserole

Layered Tomato Squash Casserole

This had frozen sliced yellow squash, chopped red onions (kept in the garage), canned tomato juice, garlic powder, salt, pepper, small amount of shredded cheese, repeat layers again and topped with bread crumbs and drizzled olive oil. We put this over cooked rice and served cottage cheese and:

Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins

This last fall, I purchased a pumpkin for DS to cut with DH and the one from his work. After they were done, the pumpkins were cooked and processed. We froze the pulp and I have been working on using up one container. The last bit of this container was used to make these muffins and they were quite good. This was a fairly inexpensive but filling and nutritious supper.

And lastly, on the knitting front I have now moved to the area of DD’s sweater where the sleeves have been placed on holders and I’m just knitting the body. It will go faster now as I’m working on 188 stitches with only one cable section in the middle front versus the 324 stitches with three different cables on each sleeve plus the cable section in the middle front.  I’m so glad to be making progress on this. Hopefully a few pictures will show up here one of these days. For now I’m off to knit and maybe play a bit with the kids on the computer. Stay warm and well!


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