Baby, it’s cold outside

I’m a few days late getting a post written, but never fear, it is now here! Between laryngitis and COLD weather, I haven’t had much energy for anything more than sitting and knitting and dozing. So we will go back to Sabbath and catch up.

When I got up Sabbath morning at 6:15 AM to make sure that I had breakfast ready for DH who was coming home from his overnight shift, I took this picture of our weather panel:'s really cold!

Brrr…it’s really cold!

It was 2 degrees but no snow coming down. This was the third morning we had seen it so cold thanks to high thin clouds holding the intense cold in. It didn’t help that the humidity was up making it seem even colder. The real blessing was that there was no wind. Thankfully we didn’t get any snow, though it remained bitterly cold all day. DH and I drove to the church for training meetings for Pathfinders, two he taught and one he took. I sat in on all three except for the brief trip home at the beginning of the third and longest one.

We had tried to reach DS and DD on DD’s cell phone but kept getting dropped into voice mail, so I dashed home (all of 10 minutes) and found that her phone could neither send or receive calls and we couldn’t access her voice mail. I left her my phone with strict instructions as to whose calls she could answer and headed back to the meeting. On the way, I tried calling her on my phone with no luck. Finally I decided there was nothing to lose by just powering down the phone, waiting a bit and powering back up. Thankfully, this worked and I was able to clear her “missed calls”, call my phone and talk to DD, and then contact her voice mail and clear it out. It must have needed a reset.

By the end of the evening when we came back home about 8:45 PM, I had a bit more of my voice back, but was wondering what Sunday morning would bring. DH made a quick sandwich for me to eat while I put out and prepared my clothes, etc. for work the next day. After a quick bite, a check of the email, I was off to try and get some sleep.

Sunday morning my alarm went off at 4:45 AM. I didn’t want to get up so kept hitting the snooze until 5:15. However, I knew I had to get a move on just in case it was not nice outside. When I checked the above weather panel, it said 16 degrees! I was quite excited because it meant the possibility of slightly warmer temperatures. After a quick shower, I made some oatmeal and had my Bible reading in the book of Mark. When I went to check the panel before I left the house, the temperature had dropped to 9 degrees! It was not going in the right direction.

My voice was quite rusty for the first half of the day but I was able to complete my job. The unit clerk in ER told me, “Honey, you sound like you feel terrible!” I explained to her that I felt wonderful but had only a small voice. As the day wore on, my voice got better, which I know doesn’t make any sense, but it did. I made sure that as much as possible, I rested it in between patients. By 7:30 PM I was more than ready to go home, though I knew there were things to take care of there and I had three phone calls to make before bedtime.

GPID was happy that I had enough voice back to discuss his finances over the phone. It was good timing too as we were able to discuss his wishes regarding a bill or two and also how he wants his monies to “flow” right now. On the 20th of this month, he will be flying to Zambia for two weeks on a mission trip to build a school. Since GPID, GMID (now deceased), DH and DSIL spent six years early in DH’s life in Zambia as missionaries, any trip back is a real treat.

Next I called one of my older sisters who is taking care of my parents, GPCA and GMCA. Yes, they have now moved from TX to CA and are currently staying with my sister and her husband until their things can be unpacked and they can be settled into their new apartment. While a longer call would have been great, it was good to catch up with them before my voice bit the dust. I still had supper, a shower, catch up on email and chores before going to bed. Unfortunately, I was unable to unwind with any knitting. However, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been since I had made good progress on DD’s sweater last week. I am now 3/5 of the way through the body of the sweater and since it is knit from the top down and in the round, that is really good. No pictures are available as yet as it is hard to stretch out to get a good picture. It just looks like a “blob”.

Today will be busy, with school back in session (JTerm and the like) as well as an appointment for DH with the shoulder specialist. I’m hoping we will get good news. My bag has a lined hat in it to knit on while we are gone and hopefully tonight I will get some more done on DD’s sweater. I really would like to get it finished soon. And best of all, my voice is not fully back BUT it is so much better despite yesterday’s use! God is definitely good!!! And although it is 21 degrees outside (YAY, it’s warmer!), it is snowing. See?!

It's snowing!

It’s snowing!

View from the dining room window across the front lawn

View from the dining room window across the front lawn

I see more snow shoveling in someone’s future! 🙂



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