All is not quiet…

All is not quiet here at our house this weekend. Yes, I am having a brief respite before another activity, but this is a busy weekend. It all started with a rehearsal at the church with the youth group last night. We needed to go through everything so that the kids would know what to expect. One and a half hours later that task was done, however, I had to come home and make sure that the PowerPoint presentation was “fixed” so that the answers would not automatically show on the set of questions to be used for today’s study session. This meant that I was up until after 11 PM and still didn’t have it “fixed”. For some reason the slides when they duplicated, did not copy all the information to the new slide so this morning before church, I had to manually fix all 393 slides.

As told in the previous post, we went to church this morning for a service by the youth group. This was the same program we had practiced last night. I felt for DH because he had worked all night, eaten breakfast, and then went to church and had to make sure the program went properly as well as give the sermonette. By the time we were able to come back home, he was pretty much exhausted. DD, DS, and I still had to eat a bite of lunch, and make sure everything was ready for this afternoon’s study session, only about 1 1/2 hours away.

Leftovers were pulled out of the refrigerator–yes, I know that isn’t the greatest way to celebrate Sabbath lunch, but given the time limitations, it was best done that way. DD and I finished off some rice and veggie-chicken pot pie while DS — who didn’t want leftovers — had a bagel sandwich. He was holding out for the popcorn, apples, and apple juice that he knew would be served during the study session.

Everyone showed up for the Bible study session and we had a really good time. It had been three weeks since everyone had practiced the questions so we worked really hard. Towards the end, snacks were served and everyone relaxed. Thankfully, all the rides came close to on time so we were able to rest for about an hour before something else.

Shortly, we will be headed across the street for family supper/get together. We’re taking fresh salad and homemade rolls –made yesterday afternoon. I don’t imagine we will stay real late because my niece has a cold and no one in that household got much rest last night. They were also at the church service this morning, although they were able to rest this afternoon. DH will have had about 5 hours of sleep so he’ll not want to stay real late and I have to work tomorrow so I’ll need sleep. DD has a cold and is generally just not feeling tiptop so we’ll have a nice meal, maybe chat a bit and then all go our separate ways.

Tomorrow morning I’ll have to get up at 4:45 AM to get ready for work. Hopefully it won’t be so cold tomorrow, but something tells me that with the clear sky outside, it will get really cold tonight again. That’s too bad as the chickens have cut back on their laying. We are only getting 4 eggs per day for two days now. So far it doesn’t appear that any are sick or molting, so not sure why. We are feeding them well, but I suspect it’s just the intense cold.

Anyway, no rest this weekend! Thankfully we are only two months away from finishing our competition for the year, but I have to say I will miss it when it is done.


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