Rethinking the thermostat

We have now sunk to new lows in the temperature department. This morning when I got out of bed at 6:30 AM, the poor thermometer registered 0 degrees. For the next couple of hours it went back and forth between 0-2 degrees, even after sunrise. This was no real surprise since I had heard the heater come on during the night. My spirits sunk as I thought about the awful electric bill that will most likely come by the end of the month. Since the temperatures has been low for almost two weeks, I’m sure the bill will not be pretty.

Because of tight finances this time of year, I have been trying to come up with a reasonable solution to this whole situation. This is particularly hard to resolve since flu and colds are very prevalent this time of year. So what to do? The heater was running and not warming up really fast, but then how could it when it was fighting an almost losing battle.

By the time we went to church at 10 AM, the house was warmed up almost to 67 degrees. We have kept the thermostat set at 68 degrees during the day and 60 at night. Unfortunately, this furnace insists on heating up to 70 degrees before stopping. While the warm temperature is lovely, the associated bill is not. So DH and I decided that there had to be another way to go at this. The thermostat said 66 degrees, so on the way out the door, I pushed the “HOLD” button to keep it at 67 degrees and we left.

When we arrived back at home from a lovely church service provided by the youth group, the furnace was not running (YAY!) and it was 67 degrees in the house. I left the thermostat alone even though we were going to have six active pre-teens visiting for a Bible study session in the afternoon. Amazingly, no one was cold, the house stayed a balmy 67 degrees and the heater did not come on. It seems the furnace is more amenable to 67 degrees than 68, so I chose to reprogram the thermostat to the new temperature. We already bundle up with sweatshirts or hoodies over t-shirts so this shouldn’t be a problem. Only time will tell us whether this is a good move or not. I do know that eventually we will have to replace the furnace with a more efficient unit. Part of me cannot wait until we can replace it and run the temperature just a bit higher, but part of me says this is going to be fine and we’ll manage. I have to admit that it is amazing what a difference 1 degree makes. And after not running pretty much all day since 10 AM, it just now came on because it finally dropped down to 66 degrees forcing it to run. However, that is okay because the sun is going down outside and it’s about 15 degrees so we do need to keep it somewhat warm.


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