After an exceptionally busy weekend, I seem to have fallen into a bit of a relapse on this whole “cold” thing. I was doing better…had my voice back and was on the mend. Then I had to have a full weekend. DH and I had appointments with our family doctor on Monday for follow up visits and both received good reports. At that time I was feeling pretty good. Maybe that was the problem. It was just too good to last.

By the time we picked up DD from work, came home and ate supper, I was starting to feel all stuffed up. This was a part of the “cold” that hadn’t really been around until now, but it is here with a vengeance. A bit ago I took my temperature and it is 96.2 degrees which is actually low. My cough is intermittent and my head is stuffy. I will take some Tylenol and cough syrup before going to bed to try and get some rest so I can get better.

Unfortunately, DD is still fighting the cough part and now DS has come down with the sore throat and the low energy as well as the runny nose. I sure hope DH doesn’t get any of this because it is no fun. I don’t feel like doing much of anything which isn’t good since DS needs a pair of mittens and only one is almost done. I haven’t started the other one. I also had planned on making a pair of pajamas for DS and even pulled everything out. They were already cut out so I just need to get going on them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

As for yesterday’s doctor’s visit, I always dread those because I am afraid of the numbers and details. This time it was good, though. I had lost eight pounds, which is much better than gaining eight pounds but I hope to lose more this year. My sugar count was 94 which was really good and my blood pressure was lower than DH’s which almost never happens. I felt pretty good coming out of this visit and don’t have to go back for a whole year. DH also received a good report and will not have to go back for six months just to have labwork done to check his liver, since he is now taking a statin to help with his cholesterol level. His numbers were much better than three months ago so we are on the right track.

The weather is heading back into the deep freeze tonight and tomorrow night. We have been praying that it would not get lower than the teens at night, but tonight and tomorrow night will be low again. The snow isn’t melting at all and the ice still left on the roads isn’t melting significantly either. Hopefully this will change. The long-range forecast keeps teasing us with the idea of highs in the 30s. It would be so lovely. Our colds would also most likely get better if we didn’t have to fight the intensely cold temperatures. But for now, I’m off to bed and rest to see if I can send the “cold” away.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures tonight. I have made progress on DH’s hat but not enough to show. Had to stop to make the mittens for DS. Hopefully there will be pictures soon of both.


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