Fog Crystals

It seems we are trapped in an inversion situation in our valley. Unfortunately, this has caused us to have lower temperatures (5 degrees last night again) and “fog” crystals all over everything. We have a sugar beet factory not too far away and the moisture/steam from it spreads throughout the valley leaving a fog nearby. Because of the moisture in the air and the low temperatures, we woke up to ice crystals on everything.

Bush covered in ice crystals out front

Bush covered in ice crystals out front

Unfortunately there is a blue cast to everything, but you can see how not only do we have snow still on the ground, which usually doesn’t stay this long, but the rose bush coming out of this bush is covered in ice crystals. It is actually white and if the sun was out, we would be blinded, but then we wouldn’t have the fog or ice crystals that result.

Tree in GPID's yard

Tree in GPID’s yard

This tree and one other are covered in ice crystal in GPID’s front yard. Of course there are other trees and bushes that are also encased.  Some of the fog is starting to recede, but not all of it. The heater is running trying to heat the house up so that we won’t have to worry about any ice crystals inside. 🙂 DS complained that when he went out to feed his chickens, when he breathed the air, the hairs inside his nose felt funny. I explained to him that thanks to his cold particularly, he has moisture in his nose and when he breathes, the cold air freezes his nose hairs briefly and then the warmth of his breath and body thaws them out again. Even the chicken wire fence had a mass of pretty ice crystals.



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