Mr. Weatherman: Please change your forecast!

Dear Mr. Weatherman:
It has now been too many weeks of the same cold, dreary, inversion-ridden weather! We thought you had finally considered letting the inversion be blown out of our valley, but you must have decided it was too much to ask. Every morning when I get out of bed, I hurry to see if the temperature is just a bit higher for the day. It isn’t getting higher and in fact, is getting lower. Last night we saw snow forecast for Wednesday, Sabbath and Sunday with real potential for enough weather change to push the inversion on its merry way. But late today, you took that promised weather change away.

The air quality is “orange” and DS and I are really having a hard time breathing as well as getting rid of our colds. We haven’t seen “blue sky” in what seems like forever. The sun peeked through today behind a horrid wall of haze. The snow is old, crusty, and dirty and unlike most winters here, it isn’t melting. Hopefully it is at least killing plenty of earwigs and elder bugs so we won’t have so many to deal with this next spring, summer, and fall. The chickens are very tired of being penned up in their coop because the temperatures rarely get to 20 degrees and don’t stay there very long. Today the high was 11 degrees and the low for tonight is supposed to be -5 degrees. Most likely it will be lower than that. The ice isn’t melting on the roads because it can’t get above freezing.

Can you please convince Old Man Winter that your popularity would greatly increase with everyone if he would just ease up a bit and let us have a few days of slightly warmer, blue sky and sunny days without inversion to recover? We would all be ever so grateful!


Susan’s Snippets

PS: It’s really annoying when the temperature and weather in the surrounding mountains is warmer and nicer than ours. What gives?



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