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In the interest of dabbling a bit in literary terminology, I decided to use a bit of alliteration. 🙂 Ok, enough for now, but suffice it to say that last night–or should I say early this morning as it was 12:01 AM–I finished DH’s hat. Today, I was fortunate to have two models, DS and DH. I am so glad that I can move on to DD’s sweater and see if I can get it done now.

Back view of DH's hat

Back view of DH’s hat

Sorry that the picture is not real clear, but it is really hard to take pictures of black objects. Looks like DS also will need a trim on his hair real soon. This was the very reluctant model. 🙂

DH modeling hat

DH modeling hat

Perhaps not the most flattering of pictures, but I think he’s very handsome! DH said the hat fits nice and snug–“much better” than the one he received from work. It is snug enough to keep him warm, but also short enough to allow him to wear his earpiece when he is driving. To recap:

Yarn: KnitPicks Swish DK 100% Superwash Wool–Outside is Coal, Inside is Mist (Gray), 1 1/2 skeins each color

Needles: KnitPicks Size 4 16″ Classic Circular Needle, Clover Size 4 6″ bamboo double point needle set

Pattern: Double Knit Ski Cap

I have also picked up the socks that I was knitting for DS before Christmas and put them back in my bag to use as portable knitting. The sweater is too involved and big to carry around anymore and the hat is done, so I’m working on the socks while I wait for DD to get off work, etc. Tonight I will pull them out and kitchner the heel stitches together and pick up the gusset stitches so that I can put it back in my bag ready to knit again. The construction method for this sock is different from any that I have made before and I am anxious to see how it fits. The pattern is “Flammegarn Socks” from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. The yarn is KnitPicks sock yarn from several years back and all I can remember is the colorway is S’mores. Needles are size 1 (?) bamboo DPNs that are my very favorite set. I had to replace my first set because DS accidentally dropped one down a slit in an non-retrievable spot several years back. I kept the remaining ones just in case such an adventure happened again. To review, here is a picture of the sock-in-progress:

Front view of sock with instep stitches being held on bamboo dpn.

Front view of sock with instep stitches being held on bamboo dpn.

I’m not a whole lot further on the sock, but will attempt to take a new picture once the heel is kitchnered, just so you can see how it goes together. Someone asked me just the other day if I had finished these yet because they thought they were so pretty. Now perhaps I can get closer to that goal.



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  1. Ann says:

    oooh pretty yarn for the socks and great models!!!

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