Quick Update

This morning we woke to about 2″ of fresh, beautiful snow. Unfortunately, it has mostly melted as the day has warmed, but it was so beautiful when the sun came up as well. I’ll try to post the pictures a bit later if I don’t run out of time.

Even though coughs are hanging on, we are all much better. I am so grateful that it wasn’t any worse going through high fevers, low fevers, coughing, and aches. We are truly blessed. Now to just get rid of the coughs and we will be good to go.

Knitting is still being done, though not much in the last three days what with sick family, picking up other chores and trying to keep up with it all. Maybe I’ll get to knit on DD’s sweater tonight, but if not, it will be there when I get to it. Nothing new to show as nothing much new done. I do have to say that I was a bit frustrated when I realized that I would have to repeat this whole section of cables one more time so the sweater would be long enough, but then I decided to settle down and get to it. After that, it’s just the sleeves–also covered in cables–and we’ll be done. Already looking for a cable pullover pattern for DS in a men’s size small. It will most likely be in green worsted weight 100% wool as that is what I have and he loves green.

Two days ago, I also frogged a sweater that I had knit for myself several years back. I occasionally wore this sweater but was not pleased with how it fit and realized that even though I loved how it looked, I don’t like 3/4 sleeves. They are uncomfortable for me, so I finally braved pulling apart many hours of work and rewinding the yarn into cakes. I will have to let it sit in time-out in my stash for a bit until I find another sweater that I like better that can be made from the same amount of yarn. Hmmm…another good reason to move on to DS’s sweater when I’m done with DD’s.

And last but certainly not least, DD finally applied to the last two colleges yesterday. She dragged her heels because she really wanted to go to the one private college, but the cost and not knowing for sure what she wanted to take, finally helped her to make the decision that she needs to look at ALL her options. And this morning, DH and I helped her apply for a local state scholarship. I don’t know if she will get it, but she FINALLY applied for it. Now to just help her get to graduation at the end of May!


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