So quiet…

Today it has been quiet around the house. The silence is very noticeable. DS left this morning at 10 AM to go with the youth group north to a camp for their “Snow Retreat”. He doesn’t always make that much noise, but usually when it is this quiet, you start checking up on him. Of late, when it is this quiet he is usually soundly sleeping on his bed instead of doing schoolwork. Today, the silence drifted through the house. There was no one to slip into DD’s room to chat on the sly and no one making a quick run to the kitchen to see if he could find an apple in the fridge or a snack in the cupboard.

He questioned whether or not we would miss him this weekend. I miss his passing through to watch DH on the computer, to ask a question, to fuss about practicing the piano, to groan about chores before helping with them. The next 36 or so hours will be very quiet while he is gone because we just aren’t that noisy of a bunch to begin with and with him gone, all the mostly quiet ones are left.

DS will have lots of fun as there should be lots of snow and he will be with  his friends. They will play together, snowshoe together, sing songs together, read together, and eat together. He will come back with a backpack full of dirty clothes and a heart and mind full of great memories. Sleep will come for him when he gets back as he will be very tired, but it will be a happy kind of tired–the very best kind of tired.

This is DS’s first trip away from home without at least one family member with him. DH had to work tonight, DD wouldn’t go anywhere without DH or me along, and I have to work on Sunday. We arranged for DS to travel with responsible adults that we know and trust. GPID, SIL and our niece will be there tomorrow for the day so he will have some family around, but he won’t really need them because he has already proven that he is becoming independent. The next trip will be easier for him and easier for us.

It is starting to hit me that soon our kids will be out on their own doing their own thing. DD will be slower to do so, but the day will come when she will want to do something bad enough that she will take that step and then it will be easier after that. DS will “chomp” at the bit until he turns 18 and can figure out how to support himself. They will come back to visit because this is their home, but they will also make their own homes and that will be good. We will miss them when they aren’t  here, but we will encourage them to make their own way in the world when the time is right. Then we will spend more time than ever on our knees and leaving them in God’s loving hands.


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