Life is a bit crazy this week

Notes so far this week:

  • Worked my shift on Sunday – most interesting as when I arrived at work, my boss informed me that he was there to complete my quarterly evaluation. I hadn’t had one since last summer and had no warning. Thankfully it went well. God is definitely good.
  • No school on Monday other than DD still trying to catch up from one day missed – despite my misgivings about whether or not her teachers would work with her or not, they have for the most part been quite understanding. Tonight she is down to only one assignment left of those she missed last week and she will be caught up. Of course, we also have stuff from today, but it will come together eventually.
  • Because there was no school I was able to take DS to Old Navy to see what the sales were like – He found three shirts that he liked and learned they will have their khakis on sale starting Thursday. He needs their sizing on their black khakis.
  • Bought groceries after filling car with gas – There were some really good sales.
  • Picked up scratch and corn cobs for chickens
  • Took shopping list to Wal-Mart and was able to get a few things like socks for DS and DH. Also picked up undershirts for DS. He now wears men’s size small in shirts and it’s driving me crazy that he is growing so fast.
  • Worked for two hours to cover staff meeting – That was fun because I used the new to me computers that are supposed to simplify life. It wasn’t too bad and I think it will be easier the next time I have to work in that position.
  • Made a batch of energy cookies this morning after breakfast – We were completely out and it had to be done. They turned out pretty good. Hopefully they will last a month though with my luck probably only two weeks.
  • Went by library and picked up book for DS to use as reference for his school project on Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions.
  • Met with GPID’s tax lady to see how that is working out – I left the papers with her as she has been sick and was needing time to go over things. We made an appointment for next week to see where he is at for last year’s taxes.
  • Worked with DS on his English assignment and proctored his Algebra quiz. Good score on the quiz but will have to wait to see what his grade is on the assignment for English.
  • Picked DD up at work and was able to knit almost three rounds on a pair of socks while waiting – We stopped at Office Depot on the way home to pick up printer ink that we were really low on.
  • Ate supper that DH and DS had fixed of homemade macaroni and cheese and a large salad – They both do a great job at cooking.
  • Obtained signature for tax lady from GPID and had a bit of a longer conversation than intended.

And now I’m working on this while DD is working on a calculus quiz. I’m tired and the day isn’t over yet. Tomorrow doesn’t promise to be any less busy!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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