The fork is in the body

Believe it or not, I was able to complete the last few rows of the body of DD’s sweater. When you get that close to the end of one point of a project, it seems to go on forever. Like other knitters, part of me really wanted to get the body of the sweater done and over with and yet, part of me wanted to make it last just a bit longer. I suspect the 2nd reason was because I will have to pick up the stitches on the first sleeve, figure out where I am and work through the there cable charts over and over, all the way to the wrist. It will look beautiful (I hope) when I am done and DD has already said it will be nice to wear to work so I had best get on with it, but I have to put the sleeve on dpns and while that isn’t hard, I’ve not done it this way before so I’m not sure how it will go. I will try to add at least one picture later today showing where I am at now before I pick up the first sleeve. And I will do my best to show the progress on the sleeves.

Body of sweater before adding sleeves

Body of sweater before adding sleeves

This afternoon I see the baking of a Chocolate Zucchini Cake in my future. We have the Pathfinder Bible Achievement Team coming over for one last get together to celebrate their hard work. While they didn’t win, they worked hard and deserve a reward. I also need to figure something out for supper as DH is #1 on the OT list. They have extras but he may have to go in early so I’ll have to make supper and his lunch are done. GPID’s weekly financial visit needs to be made so that his bills are all up-to-date, and last but certainly  not least, DS’s MS Project has to be completed today so that we can go early in the morning for the presentation at a local college. We’re down to his tri-fold and the folder with his paper and research materials. This morning we took the cd with files to Staples to have color photos and headings printed out so it shouldn’t take all that long (or one can hope not).

Hopefully I will get back to picking up the stitches on the first sleeve as I would really like to get DD’s sweater done. I’m also wanting to make sure that I have enough yarn. Somewhere I read that “the faster you knit, the further your yarn goes.” However, I think that was written in jest as it goes just the same length unless you knit it tighter and I don’t dare do that as it won’t fit.

Off to the races! Wish me luck with getting everything done!

***Edited to add picture above. The lighting wasn’t great and the sweater definitely needs blocking, but that will have to wait until after the sleeves are done.


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