Goatheads in the garden already? :(

After work last night, I came home to a report from DH that we have LOTS of goatheads already growing in the garden. Really???!!! It has been so cold that I was thinking they wouldn’t be growing yet. This morning DS confirmed that yes, when it is sunny and warm, I’ll want to go out and pull those suckers out. They are already green! How dare they! It is sunny out this morning, however it is not even 30 degrees yet. It got down to 18 or so last night so even though it looks like it might possibly be warm, I’ll have to wait until later today and then pull them out. Into the trash can they will go. I won’t put those in the compost because I don’t want them in the garden again. I will also have to pull up the frozen lettuce from last fall that is finally dead. This will have to all be cleaned out before the last week of March when DH will rent a tiller and get the garden ready for the early planting of peas, lettuce, carrots, beats, and whatever else I can put in early.

Yesterday while they were out discovering that we were going to have another fight with the goatheads this year in the garden, DH and DS cleaned the chicken coop out really well and prepped it for the possibility of adoptions in just over a week. They also prepped the brooder box, “just in case”. We are hoping that when we bring our chicks home on the 12th, the hens will adopt them and we’ll just put down pine shavings in the chicken coop and their starter food in a separate dish so that they won’t be separate and we will have the older hens taking care of them. Only time will tell how successful that will be. I still have to get the shavings, starter food, and a new red heat lamp bulb to put in the coop. We had just gotten used to not turning on the light at night for the chickens as most nights it has been above 30 (with the exception of last night).


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