God’s blessings

No new knitting to report, but I sure would like to cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks to relax with. Today has been stressful in so many ways. Yet, I have been richly blessed by God’s care and keeping as well as His guidance and guard on my tongue.

Have you ever had a project that you really wanted to go well and at the last minute, it threatened to fall apart? You would think that I would have already learned the lesson of letting somethings just roll of my back, like water on a duck, but apparently I still let things get to me. If it hadn’t been for God giving me the words to say, I would have stuck my foot in it so many times.

However, on the brighter side of things for a moment, DS and I went to the local feed store to pick up chicken crumbles, starter feed, pine shavings, and a red heat lamp. This was one of the early in the day reward times that God was already trying to show me that I just needed to trust Him because He had it all in His hands. When we walked in, I figured we would be shelling out a tidy little sum. A 50 lb bag of chicken crumbles isn’t terribly cheap, but I was also picking up the extra things needed for our baby chicks next week. I figured that it would be easier to pick it up while I was there so I’d have one less stop next Tuesday when I went to pick up the chicks. It was so wonderful to find the starter feed, the heat lamp and even the pine shavings were all on special. Of course, only God could have know that I really needed a financial break.

While DS and I were there, we checked out all the new chicks they had. There were brown ones, yellow ones, mixed ones, and all of them were such cute little fuzzy balls of feathers. It was very tempting to pick one up and give it a quick cuddle, but we chose not to. I asked DS what he thought about how little they were in comparison to his “girls” at home that are almost a year old. He wasn’t tempted by them, but we did check them out. Some had fallen asleep in the food trays, some had fallen asleep next to the water dishes and some had just plopped down wherever they were. Others were eating and drinking and running around. DS’s one comment was that his had sure grown a lot. I realized it was very easy to forget how small they were. Of course, we talked about how we hope that the hens at home will adopt the new chicks so we don’t have to run a brooder box this year.

We also checked the fruit tree prices but decided that wasn’t the place to get them. Then we drove back home because there was schoolwork to do, laundry to wash, and dishes to clean as well as a pizza to make for supper. Usually I don’t make the pizza ahead but it was necessary tonight as we knew there was a good chance that DH would have to go into work early and would also need to eat early. I’m glad I made the pizza early because that is exactly what happened. The supplies were unloaded and stashed away and DS went in to start on his schoolwork. DD was already hard at work.

The day continued with bumps and jerks. At one point I was sure that the weekend’s planning was falling apart, but again God blessed with the words to say to keep everyone working together. And almost right on schedule, I took DS over to help GPID with setting up tables and chairs for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. GPID brought DS home after they were all done and boy was he ever tired!

DD pulled it together and even though her Calculus didn’t go so well today and she will have to talk with her teacher, in between bites of homemade black olive, low-fat alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese pizza for supper after DH went to work, she completed two Physics quizzes and an assignment in Personal Finance. That was more than she had done all day and put her in a better spot facing the weekend. She also completed her discussion for her English class, despite the topic being on how teenagers are portrayed in current TV shows and movies. This was a particularly hard topic for her because she doesn’t bother with TV and we don’t go to movies. IF the TV gets turned on at all, it is usually to a Public Broadcasting System station or occasionally a bit of news, but she rarely even sticks around for much of that. So we worked with her to help her write her response to the discussion questions from the viewpoint of someone who has no interest in what is on TV or at the movies. It turned out that she wasn’t the only student who struggled with the discussion because they don’t watch either. Then DD “dropped” the first draft of her Compare and Contrast essay and what a relief. Now to wait and see what the teacher says. I’m sure there will be a good number of corrections despite both of our efforts.

I’ve chatted with each of the kids and I’m fighting not to doze off to early, though I will hopefully be in bed in just over an hour. Tomorrow morning starts early since I have to get up at 5:30 AM to be at the local church school to prepare and serve breakfast for 70-100 people in the morning. Wish me luck!!! Is the weekend over yet? 🙂


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