Cheep, cheep! I don’t have enough to do :)

Today was the day! DS and I went to the local hatchery to pick up our order of new baby chicks to add to the flock. When we went in, it was early as we were trying to race the sunrise. All you could hear was “cheep, cheep” all around you. Lots of tiny little chickens were being readied for their new homes. While we waited for our order of eight chicks, we checked out the ones that were extras that you could add if you wished. This time they had guineas. Since I wasn’t sure what they were, I asked and they explained that guineas get quite big, and also make a lot of noise whenever anyone or anything comes around. I decided to leave them there as having a flock of 15 chickens was going to keep us busy enough.

When we arrived home, DS and I left the chicks in their box with DD and went out to spread shavings in the coop and feed everyone. We also had to set up the heat lamp for the new babies so they wouldn’t get cold waiting for one of the hens to “adopt” them. Of course, the hens wanted out, but we are keeping them in today to let them adjust to the chicks and hopefully “adopt” some or all of them. It was hilarious to watch, when we brought the chicks out. We took them out of their box and introduced them to their food and water and their shavings lined area. The hens immediately went to the corner furthest from the chicks and began to “cluck” and talk about the invaders. They actually acted scared of the little chicks. We stayed for a bit and after the two black Sexlink hens decided to lay eggs in the same nesting box, we left to see if they could sort things out themselves.

I checked just a bit ago. The blacks have laid their egg each and are trying to huddle under each other in one nesting box. One of the Buff Orpington chickens is in the box closest to the chicks and waiting to lay her egg. The rest were eating and Little Miss Busybody was over peeking around the water at the invaders trying to decide what they were all about. The little ones were sleeping, eating, drinking, and one of the new little black Astralorps was trying to adventure out beyond the warmth of the heat lamp. I will check on them later and see how it is going. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of the new chicks.

Oh! Just to let you know, they gave us five golden Sexlink chicks and four black Astralorp chicks. So, if they all make it, we will have a flock of 16 chickens. Hopefully we will only have 1 rooster in the golden ones, but only time will tell.


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