I want a mama!

The little chicks are eating, drinking, and sleeping and seem to be fine right now, except for one thing. When I went out, the hens still weren’t having anything to do with them. I collected the three eggs in one next and watched for a bit. The golden chicken is still sitting on the other nest.

New chicks at feeder

New chicks at feeder

Please forgive the lighting, but it is a bit hard to take a really good picture when I’m working with a red heat lamp. As I watched, a couple of the little chicks ran out from under the light over the the hens and stood their cheeping. They were either ignored or the silly hens jumped like they weren’t sure what to do about them. I moved the hens food tray over to the old spot that was nearer the chicks area and watched as Miss Busybody and one of the black Sexlink hens went over to enjoy some scratch we had placed near the chickens. As they were pecking away at it, two or three of the chicks came out and joined them and then stood there cheeping. The first time, the black jumped back away like she still wasn’t sure. Miss Busybody who is a Rhode Island Red, just kept pecking, but wasn’t encouraging them to get under her wings yet. I wonder if this will work or not as I’m not sure we can keep it warm enough tonight in there, even with the heat lamp.

The one on the left is a black Astralorp and the one on the right should be a golden Sexlink.

The one on the left is a black Astralorp and the one on the right should be a golden Sexlink.

They are so very cute. Of course after taking care of them, if the hens don’t adopt, for the first two months, I may not think they are so cute. It is hard to keep them warm, fed, taken care of 24/7 when you are not a hen. 🙂 I’m really praying that they are “adopted” by the end of the day.

More chicks

More chicks

Three of the golds are darker and two are lighter. I am hoping that the darker ones are hens and the lighter ones are roosters, though we only wanted one rooster. Either way, they all want a mama!!!




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