No takers and a bit of knitting

Why is it that we forget how much we worry over wee ones that have no control over what happens to them? A year ago, I went through the whole baby chick thing and was so exhausted by the end of the first month. Just when we really didn’t have anything to worry about other than collecting eggs, cleaning the coop, making sure the hens had plenty of scraps and food, and getting through cold weather, I remembered that it was time to double the flock and get more chicks. What I didn’t remember so well was all the fuss of making sure that they were warm enough but not too warm, and that they always had plenty of food and water. After we picked them up today and tried to get the hens to adopt them, we realized quickly that wasn’t necessarily going to happen real soon. The brooder box was available, but the chicks had already settled into a corner of the coop and were happy. They want mammas, but the hens don’t want them for babies. So we made sure the chicks were partitioned off in one corner with food, water, and shavings to settle into their new environment. Of course, this deprived the hens of one of their roosts, although they have two perfectly good ones left.

DS and I put the hens to bed and made sure the heat lamp was lowered for the night so that the chicks would stay plenty warm. We’ll go out at bedtime and check on them. I really don’t want to go out in the middle of the night, but if I get worried and can’t sleep, guess where I’ll be going? You know it! And DS will have to go out at 6 AM when it is the coolest part of the night and check on them. Now why did I forget that I worry and fret? Because I just did.

Because I am tired and afraid that if I pick up DD’s sweater to knit the sleeves with cables down them–can you imagine the mistakes that could happen–I took a skein of sock yarn that isn’t big enough for a pair of socks and began to knit a Chevron scarf. I haven’t made this pattern before, but hopefully I will get a scarf out of the yarn and then I can set it aside for a gift for someone’s birthday or Christmas. I pulled out a skein of sock yarn from Knit Picks that they don’t make any more. I believe the colorway is Cape Cod. It is a mixture of dark greens with a lighter tan mixed in occasionally. It is working up pretty nice as the color changes appear to be infrequent for the most part. The pattern is easy to memorize, looks better than just plain garter stitch and isn’t as boring as endless garter stitch, and it is a good project to work on here at home until I get caught up on my sleep. I think most of my tiredness is from the time change because my body is sure that it is later, but I’m having to get up earlier.

In other knitting news, DS’s second sock is coming along pretty well in the afternoons when I go to pick up DD. It will be a few more days before I have all the ribbing done, but we will get there. I keep that project for portable knitting in my bag so that is why I needed another project here at home to knit that was fairly simple but not totally boring. I should probably also be knitting dish cloths as some of mine won’t make it forever and I will want some to replace them, but we’ll see how that works out. Knitting with cotton yarn makes my hands tired and so I’m not sure I want to do that right yet. Dish cloths knit in cotton are better done in the summer in between gardening, canning, and freezing.


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