Growing, growing…

But they aren’t gone, thankfully. The chicks continue to grow. They are doing really well despite colder temperatures this week. Last night it went down to 20 degrees outside and they still were nice and snuggly. I’m sure the big hens are grateful that a light has to be kept on for the little ones as they stay warmer, though they have tons of feathers and seemed to do just fine before. We are getting six eggs most days, which is wonderful since our neighbor still takes 2-2 1/2 dozen a week. Part of them are for his brother-in-law.

DD is getting closer to graduation all of the time. We also started making arrangements yesterday for her to complete driver’s education with a local teacher. It is costly (as we expected), but hopefully by her 18th birthday, she will have her driver’s license. Next week DH will take her to get her permit. Then he is going to take her out to begin driving before she completes the supervised driving with a teacher. They do it all so differently here. After Spring Break, time will fly and it will be graduation before we know it.

DH didn’t make it through his fire training today. Last night I was gone to a staff meeting at work and he forgot to take his medicine at suppertime. About 2 AM he started feeling the repercussions of his acid reflux and by 8 AM he had to give it up after the first hour briefing and head home to take medicine and rest. I am sure it will be quite awhile before he forgets again.

This weekend we will be headed north about 2-3 hours for a training and planning weekend for next year’s Pathfinder activities. This is our first year to attend so we are looking forward to this. It will also be the beginning of Spring Break, which promises to be busy.

DD is still waiting to hear about financial aid packages from two more schools and the first one would really like a commitment. Until she hears from the other two, everything is at a bit of a standstill. The first school offered a pretty good financial aid package, but they also still have to take a request to committee for her to live at home with us her first year. Unfortunately, they have advised this will only save her about $6K her first year. I have to admit that I am amazed that people aren’t further in debt for their schooling considering the cost. The school has been pretty generous, but there still is a substantial portion that would need to be found/earned. The recruiters from admissions keep calling trying to get a commitment, however DD is unwilling to commit until she has all the facts, which I can’t blame her for. We will have to see what happens.

Last Saturday night DD also “received” the “advice of Grandpa talk” from GPID regarding her choices of schools for college. He was not exactly pleased that she was comparing a local public university, a local Christian university, and a local community college. His preference (and ours if she was willing and ready to go away to school) would be for one of our church’s universities. The closest one is about five hours away and she has visited there. However, she is very adamant about not going away for school, so we are trying to work with what is here locally and what she wants to pursue. His preference after one of our universities was the Christian university until he was told the annual cost of $33K. It has been a few years since he had to look at university fees for his children and it was a lot less 20+ years ago. DD listened politely to his concerns and then explained her position and concerns to him. I have to say I was very proud of how respectful she was with him. After we came home, she let loose to tell us how she felt and while she wasn’t rude, she was a lot more vocal. Everything had been tucked away inside until she could “blow her top” and get it off her chest. We explained that GPID had to get things “off his chest”, too.

So that’s pretty much it. There has been a few rows knitted on one sleeve of DD’s sweater, a few rows on DS’s second sock, and a row or two on the chevron scarf. Nothing significant and photo worthy has occurred, so we will keep at it as we can. I am hoping that I will get a bit done on the sock, scarf, and maybe another project or two, or some cross stitch in between meetings this weekend. Only time will tell if that happens, though.


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