Almost packed + Spring Break coming

Today was busy as has been every day this week. However, I was able to accomplish all but the sewing that I wanted to do. I’ve run into a minor stall on one of my sewing projects that I had hoped to have done before tomorrow, but I will make do with other things and try next week after I get some white sewing thread, a 12″ zipper, and some fleece. Hmmm…that should keep you guessing for a bit about what I have in mind to make. 🙂

Packing clothes for this weekend wasn’t all that hard. The weekend will be casual for the most part. The fun part of packing was deciding which cross stitch project to take (I’ve hidden two in my little carrier.) and which knitting projects. You are probably wondering why I took more than one of each, but sometimes you get stuck at a point in knitting a sock and you can’t concentrate on the next part at that time, so you pick up a different project that doesn’t require concentration at that time and go with it. I put in the next two rows on DS’s second sock so that It would be transitioned from the ribbing to the leg pattern. I should be able to knit on it as we travel as this pattern is very easy to memorize and the sock is small and portable.

I took another sock that is partway up the leg. I’m not sure that I will like it, but I keep working on it. The yarn is a cotton blend sock yarn and a pretty pattern, but no flexibility to it. I hope that it will stay up and fit nicely when I am done. If not, I won’t wear it very often. I also stuck in the scarf from sock yarn that I have been knitting on and yarn for a “vanilla” pattern pair of socks for DH and a heavier yarn for boot socks for myself. I still haven’t made my boot socks, even though I’ve made them for everyone else. Must get on that as I am taking my boots this weekend and won’t have boot socks to wear with them.

My laptop isn’t packed yet, but that bag will be packed tomorrow sometime before we leave as well as my toiletries, blow dryer, and curling iron. But the important things that can be packed early are in their bags waiting to go in the car.

On to Spring Break next week! DD has a Calculus unit test and an English Language and Composition Discussion response to complete before we leave tomorrow. She will then have all of her schoolwork done for Spring Break. DS has a German unit test to complete and then he will be done. They are so anxious to get it all done and have a break. Of course, we have lots of plans and a list that seems a mile long of things we need to do next week. Some of the things will remain a secret until after they are done, but here is a taste of things we hope to accomplish:

1. DS has two Pathfinder honors (flowers and shells) to complete as well as finish his Stamp honor.

2. The garden must be tilled and early crops such as lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions, and peas, planted.

3. Two apple trees and maybe one peach tree must be purchased and planted in the back yard.

4. Hoping to sew a set of flannel pajamas and a couple of summer nightgowns/pajamas for myself.

5. Cut out a lap quilt and blocks for a full size quilt.

6. DH and DS pull out the barrel bushes in the front yard as they are half dead and look awful.

7. Install bookshelf in DD’s bedroom.

8. DS will help GPID service the riding lawnmower.

There are at least four other projects/activities that shall remain secret for now. If we get even half of all this done, I will be thrilled. With DH home, hopefully we can get it all done, even though it will be a busy Spring Break.

Of course, we still have the chicks to take care of. My SIL and probably GPID will be taking care of the chicks and chickens this weekend as we are still having cold nights. They are doing well and growing. It is hard to believe that next Tuesday, they will be two weeks old. DS informed DH and I tonight that even though we don’t give our chickens names, he calls the rooster Wiggles because that is all the rooster does when he hold him. So Wiggles it is. 🙂 The chickens with names are now, Wiggles, Springy, and Little Miss Busybody. That’s not too bad–three out of fifteen have names because of their personalities.


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