New family members

Today two new members were added to our family and hopefully we will have pictures in the next few days. First, we brought home Scooter, a six-month-old black kitten. He has slept a lot today, but is very loving and when he  awake, he is very social. Scooter was adopted from a local animal shelter and is DD’s new kitten. I am hoping that soon I will stop referring to him as “she” and “her”. Our last cat was female and I am real challenged at the moment in remembering which HE is. 🙂

Our other new family member will come home tomorrow evening after spay surgery tomorrow morning. Moomoo is an 11-month-old border collie mix puppy. She was abandoned by her previous owner and given to the shelter. DS will have a puppy to play with and raise. We met with Moomoo today at the shelter. She is quiet and  will need lots of love and training, but this will be good for DS. And if you are wondering about her name, a picture will eventually show that her colors and markings are those of a holstein but she is definitely a puppy.

More busy, happy times ahead!



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