Sunshine and relaxing–maybe?

Our lives have become busier this week (why during Spring Break I can’t imagine). Actually, I kind of know. After three to four days and nights of integrating the kitten and puppy into our home and lives, we hope (crossing fingers and knocking on wood) they are settling in. Last night, however, was the puppy’s last night staying in the house.  She was supposed to stay in for seven days, but she is doing fine and none of us can stay up all the time to keep her out of mischief and take her potty. Once again, she didn’t wake anyone up before she had made a “pile” on the carpet in the living room. She will stay out tonight and hopefully tomorrow, DH will clean the carpet areas that she messed up. We scrubbed them real good, but they need a good carpet cleaning. I didn’t want him to clean until she went outside. We left her outside in the backyard this morning while we went to church and she did just fine.

DD and DS have enjoyed their break and their new pets. The kitten is DD’s and she has done real good with training him. A
kitten is good for her because she doesn’t have a major lot of time to work with a pet and a kitten requires a bit less training. It was amazing how quickly we had all adjusted to not having a pet in the house  and we’re adjusting back. Graduation is fast approaching for DD. She hasn’t decided which school to go to next year, yet, but she does know that she wants to stay at home for now. She is looking at three different colleges/universities locally. She has also learned in the last year that while she likes physics, she doesn’t want to make it her life’s work. She is leaning more towards a career working with/designing computers. She will do good at that.

DS has now grown 1 7/8″ taller than me. He revels in the idea. It is funny because DD and I are the same height, but she wears shoes one size larger. DS is already wearing men’s clothes and while he is still skinny, he is tall. Just like DH when I first met him. Since we have moved into the house, DS has built up muscle helping DH and I and that has been good. Having a dog has pushed him somewhat out of his comfort zone, but over the last 3-4 days, he’s learned to make friends with his puppy and start training her. Unfortunately, that has meant less sleep for all of us, but we’re getting there and she’s happy.

DH has been off this week for a week of vacation and that has been good. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been real restful as we not only adopted the pets, but he and DS tilled the garden so I could start planting some early stuff this week. They also built a doghouse, and there have been a few other smaller projects that DH has graciously taken on. Our eight new chicks that were threatening to “escape” their brooder area, so he added some chicken wire to the top. We have them in a corner  of the chicken coop and I suspect they won’t make it the full 18 weeks before they get turned out with the rest.

It is beautiful and sunny outside and about 65 degrees. There is a slight breeze that keeps the sun from roasting you (yes, it does that even at 65 degrees). We are supposed to have temperatures in the low 70’s the next few days and then on Thursday we will have clouds and a bit of a dip. Easter promises to be beautiful, though I will be inside working all day. DH will be home
with the kids and for the first time in I don’t know how many years, no eggs will be dyed. The kids decided they didn’t want to dye any. Guess they are growing up, though I hope that someday when they are older and MAYBE have kids of their own, they will do it again with theirs.

I want to relax since it is nice and I actually have nothing to do other than work on the sleeve of DD’s sweater again. I haven’t been brave enough to pick it up this week because I never knew when I would have to drop it to take care of a kitten or puppy.


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