Sadness & a wait

After whole week of Spring Break working with Moomoo, we started back to our regular routine of classes and work. Unfortunately, this did not work so well for Moomoo. Being a puppy of 11 months and needing lots of time, supervision, and training which unfortunately none of us had in excess or in the amount that Moomoo needed, she had begun to feel confident and comfortable enough to start chewing on everything in sight. We reminded ourselves that this is what puppies do because they are puppies, but the minute we quit playing with her and went back to schoolwork and chores, she picked something new to chew or tear up. By yesterday noon, she had torn her dog bed to shreds and spread the stuffing all over the back yard, chewed 1-2″ down my walnut tree seedling (and we are hoping it survives), begun to chew a block of wood to shreds, and had dug two holes in the back yard. Thankfully I hadn’t planted the peas, lettuce, carrots, or onions yet, nor put up the pea fence. She tossed her rawhide chewies in the air and buried them and went around looking for more things to chew. Her water dish with a 2-liter soda bottle holding water was drained of the water (she loved to drink a bit and watch it refill) was chewed on until she had ruined the soda bottle. Then the heavy plastic dish was gnawed on and drug around. We took each item away and replaced them with things she could chew on (rawhide, etc) and corrected her to no avail.

Finding my walnut tree seedling chewed up caused us to decide that short of chaining her up, which we didn’t want to do, we were not meeting her needs. After going through all our options, we decided that for now we had to surrender her back to the shelter. They had told us when we adopted her that if it did not work out, we could return her within 30 days for a refund or voucher. Yesterday afternoon, we (DH, DS, and I) took Moomoo back to the animal shelter and asked for a voucher as we do want a dog, but probably not until close to the end of June. At that time, we will have school done for a couple of months, graduation will be behind us, and our one potential away-from-home vacation will be behind us. We will have our garden growing by then, BUT we are looking to get an older, smaller dog (maybe Yorkshire Terrier) that won’t require quite as much time, but will want to take walks and play some.  As a family, including DD, we discussed the whole situation before taking Moomoo back. Everyone but DH cried over this as we loved her very much, however, DD was no longer comfortable in the backyard because Moomoo jumped up on her when she went out trying to show her “love”.

We have been struggling with whether or not we “failed” Moomoo by not trying to work with her longer, but she needed someone or several someones to be with her all the time, both for entertainment and training and in order to do that, NOTHING else would get done. We decided that to keep her here and not be able to provide what she needed as far as time commitments with her and supervision/training, we would definitely be “failing” her. She was a lovely dog, but as a puppy, she needed way more than we were able to give at this point. The shelter was VERY nice about the whole situation and told us that she was a more confident dog after spending the week with us. They also said that she had received a break from the shelter. They are a “no kill” shelter and so returning her wasn’t a bad thing ultimately. They were confident that with the information we were able to provide about her after one week (habits, playing, interaction with people/children/other dogs/cats), which they had none of before as she had been dropped off with no information, they would be able to find her a home. Moomoo was not the nervous, skittish puppy we brought home a week ago when she went back to them, even when they took her back. She was a happier puppy that we are praying will make another family or person a good pet.

So now we have Scooter still who is being the usual young kitten. He needs correction from time to time, but not such intensive attention and training. He entertains himself or sleeps. He is very loving and needs to share that love, but other than a couple of times during the day when he has to “romp and stomp” through the house, he’s very easy going. Tomorrow we take him back for a vaccination and then he won’t need any more for one year.  We also begin our wait until late June when we will try again as we all want a puppy, even DD. We will watch the website and see what is available. We also have saved food dishes and the doghouse is built so all is as good as it can be for now.



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