Rain & Sleep

We had a lovely bit of rain last evening while we were out and during the night. Our new roles in regards to the youth groups of our church meant that we were visiting one of the youth groups and conducting an inspection. It was a lovely evening with a great group. We will be dropping in on them from time to time in the future, but their inspection is done for now. We still have one or two other groups to visit, but will have to try and get those meetings set up in the next month or so. This weekend is “free” except for Service-to-Others activity for DS on Sunday and then next weekend we have an activity or two to help with at the local Teen Retreat on Sabbath afternoon. After the STO, the next three Sunday afternoons will involve drill practice for DS from 1-5 PM in preparation for Fair the first Sunday of May. After Fair, we will be done with all the local club activities except for occasional visitations. Then we will begin traveling east to churches that are wanting to start youth groups. Hopefully we will be able to facilitate starting a few before next fall.

I woke up about 5 AM this morning and heard the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof over my bed. I was all comfy in the waterbed which was finally warming up. The new heater came in on Wednesday and after partially draining the mattress and slipping the heater under the liner, we were anxiously awaiting it finally warming up. I fell back asleep and got some much needed sleep. When we woke up at 6 AM, the rain had stopped but we were still in for a couple more rounds. Rain is much needed and now I should be able to do my weeding—which I wanted to get started on today after the rain and will now have to wait until Sunday evening after work or sometime Monday—and begin to plant the garden. DH has put in the stakes for my pea fence so I need to plant and also weed around my garlic in the garden. I want to win the weed battle this year. My plants in my miniature greenhouse are coming along nicely and I am hoping to plant them shortly after Mother’s Day.

Today was busy, but good. Even though I didn’t get my weeding started, I am able to relax with a bit of knitting on my one skein scarf/cowl tonight. It is a mindless pattern of two rows that are easily memorized. When it is done, I will slip DD’s sweater back into its place hopefully. All depends on whether or not I need mindless knitting or can concentrate on the sleeves again. Until then, I will work on DS’s second sock in the car and the scarf/cowl at home.


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