Plodding along and chilly weather

WordPress is currently driving me crazy when I type up a post. I will be typing along at my usual rate and when I pay attention to the screen, there will be all kinds of misspellings—just because it seems that WordPress likes to “lag” and not type every  letter that I do. I have tried slowing down and it still insists on skipping letters. Nowhere else does this happen–on or off the Internet. So to prevent frustration and to make sure that I keep posting, I now type my posts in Microsoft Word and then copy/paste them over.

So on with the latest news. The weather has turned chillier which doesn’t make us happy. Last week it was so nice and springy and now it is sunny and cold. The wind blows like it did in March, even though we are well into April. Unfortunately, this causes the windchill to be low. One up side to the chilly weather was that we had rain off and on since last Thursday.  It should be easier to pull the grass and weeds out of my flowerbed this afternoon.

On the knitting front, I have completed another full repeat of the cable pattern down one of DD’s sweater sleeves. I think I would have preferred to knit the sleeve separately and then attach it. While there won’t be a seam, I am going at a slower pace because I have to turn the whole sweater around at least twice on each round. Still, I am pleased to have another repeat done.

DS’s second sock is now part way through the heel flap. It is going faster this time because I know how many rows for each section. Unfortunately, the pictures would be no different than before. And the scarf is longer, but not finished. I am hoping that one of these days—probably not this week as DH has the camera with him at Fire Academy—I will remember to take a picture.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the chicks are growing. They look a bit scraggly right now because they are getting new feathers. Tomorrow they will be four weeks old. It won’t be long before we are able to let them outside for part of the day. However, we have had to separate Springy from the rest of the hens. She is still laying eggs, but she has turned mean and is pecking at the other hens. Springy is a Rhode Island Red. She has pecked a hole in the feathers on the back of one of the Black Sex Link hens and we have caught her holding down the other Rhode Island Red, Miss Busy Body, and beating her up. Yesterday, DS and I separated her into the side pen where the old brooder box is and set her up with a tray of chicken food and scratch as well as the tin watering station. When DH mowed the lawn, he gave her part of the grass clippings and then the rest were given to the other hens. Miss Busy Body chose to cluck and chatter through the fence because she’s co-dependent on her “bully”. We were also concerned that if we left her with the rest, when we let out the baby chicks, she would beat them up and they wouldn’t have too many defenses. Luckily, we have time to plot and plan as to how to handle the baby chicks coming outside for part of the day. The weather is too cool this week to even consider the idea. We may have to partition off another corner of the pen but we’ll see.

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