Pictures and pictures

Tonight I was able to take some pictures, finally.

Unblocked scarf

Unblocked scarf

The colors don’t come through as well as I would like on this scarf. It is a deeper green, navy blue, lighter green, and tan mix that looks much richer than this and not so much like camo. Also, it still needs to be blocked, but that will probably happen when I block DD’s sweater.

Sleeve #1 - partial

Sleeve #1 – partial

Speaking of, this is the first sleeve of DD’s sweater. Each marker indicates 10 rounds. I am hoping this will help me when I start sleeve #2. As you can see,  I have a ways to go. The sleeve must be 13″ long ad this is maybe 6″ if I am lucky. I might work on it a bit tonight before bedtime.

One color complete on this panel

One color complete on this panel

I took a brief break from knitting this morning and managed to complete the purple variegated color on this panel. My glasses make it hard for me to cross stitch with them on, so I pulled them off, turned on my lovely, bright overhead lamp and proceeded to complete the flowers under the word “Broderie”. It was fun and I am anxious to add the green variegated stitches to this panel. Here are a couple of closeups:

"Broderie" and some of the flowers underneath

“Broderie” and some of the flowers underneath

Real close on these flowers

Real close on these flowers

This is still worked on 28-ct evenweave fabric, 1 thread over 1 thread. So far I have completed 2 1/2 panels and when the green is added to this one, I will have three panels done. Once the garden is planted and growing, I won’t have too much time for knitting and cross stitch.

I knitted 2/3 of a round on the 2nd round of the gusset of DS’s sock while waiting for DD to get off work. She came out early so not much progress was made. Will work on it tomorrow. That’s pretty much it for now.





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