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The weather has slipped back into a colder temperature range with bits of snow falling early this morning. The ground has warmed up some, so no accumulation of the small bits of snow. I am thankful  for that. Our two blueberry plants and one blackberry bush that were planted by DH and DS this last Sunday can handle really low temperatures, however, they are newly planted so I don’t want to lose them before they have a chance to establish themselves. Also, the daffodils have come up, but no blooms yet.

The scarf is finished, ends woven in and now it is just waiting to be blocked. Unfortunately, there are still no pictures. I also need to find a scarf/shawl pin that will enhance it. DS’s second sock is now down to the gusset so maybe I will get through to the toe soon. Because I didn’t pick up DD from work yesterday, there was no knitting time. I had a two-hour staff meeting at work and wasn’t sure if they would appreciate me pulling out my knitting to work on while listening to them. There is another lady that is knitting on projects on huge wooden needles during the meeting, but I just wasn’t comfortable pushing my luck.

With the scarf done, I have been working on a dishcloth. Mine are starting to fall apart or get really nasty holes in them, so it’s time to get some done. Right now I’m working on one called a “Monkey Cloth”. It was already kitted up along with another one to make afterwards. When I get this one made, I will chunk the purple one that has a huge hole.

I’m thinking that DD’s sweater needs some more work and hopefully I will get a bit done this week. That is a project that requires concentration and time with no interruptions as I fear I will mess up a cable or two. Next time (if there is another sweater like this in my future), I will make the sleeves separate and then kitchener them together.

The garden still doesn’t have seeds in it, but perhaps this Friday afternoon, I will be able to put the seeds in for early crops. I wanted to do it this last Friday,  however the chicken coop was yelling my name as it needed cleaning and that was the only “warm” day that was available to do the job. If the weather holds, we will have to clean the brooder box this weekend and move the chicks into the side pen. We need to keep them separate from the hens until they are 22 weeks old as they eat different food. Wish the hens had adopted them so that we didn’t have to watch them so closely.

Guess that’s it for now. School work is winding down as graduation isn’t too far away. Invitations/announcements will be going out in the next couple of weeks. ISATs are also on the schedule for this Friday for DS so no resting yet.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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