Why? (sorry no pictures with this post)

  • Why is it that there never is a camera near when something needs to have its picture taken?
  • Why are there not enough hours in the day to do all I think I need to get done?
  • Why aren’t the nights longer so that hopefully I will sleep more than six hours each night?
  • Why do all our plans get changed regardless of what we try to do?

Once again, there is plenty going on, but no pictures to entertain those patient people who read my blog. After a rather stressful week for everyone, Sabbath was a welcome relief. Unfortunately, or as my boss more accurately put it, fortunately my birthday fell on Sabbath this year making it one of those special days when you had more time to spend with family. The unfortunate part was that DH was very tired and needed sleep, DD was frustrated with church because it was loud and there were lots of people, but no pastor yet to provide a “proper” sermon. DS was tired, wanted to spend some quality time with DH, and hadn’t made the rehearsal on Friday night for the skit for church on Sabbath. This all had to be explained to his Sabbath School teacher who then let me know that she has all kinds of activities planned in the coming months. That will be interesting as DH is usually sleeping because of work the night before and while I can definitely take DS as much as humanly possible, in the next two months, DH, DD, DS and I will be traveling to various churches in the area to provide a presence for our youth group ministry in this state. DS just won’t be home that much to attend his class as we will be attending services elsewhere. We have chosen as a family to work within the youth group ministry as a family as much as possible, so that’s the way it will have to be for now.

Saturday afternoon my older sister called and we chatted for quite awhile. It was such a pleasure to visit with her. Whether she realized it or not, some of the things she shared helped me feel very good about how we have raised our two children. I really needed to hear what she said. I’ve been praying a lot about our choices and decisions for the upcoming year as well as for DD and the choices she is making as she graduates and moves on into the next part of her life. I keep telling myself that we’ve done our best and now I need to leave it all up to God, and that has become a daily project of lying that “burden” at the feet of the Father.  God obviously isn’t finished with me yet. J

My dad also called and after another phone call, I called him back. It was great to talk to both of my parents for a bit. They sound so happy since they moved closer to family. It has been a big change, but I think we can say it has been a very positive change. After chatting for a bit,  we had to run because I had to take three pizza doughs, a salad, mini peppers, and two pizza pans over to GPID’s for supper. My SIL and I put together three pizzas with toppings and started baking them off. She had invited a friend and her two children over as well as her “regular” friend. It made for a houseful and two tables. To top everything off, my SIL had made my favorite angel food cake from scratch and served it with sliced strawberries and vanilla ice cream. There was also hot coffee for those who wanted it. We had a nice evening visiting there as well. I didn’t take my knitting this time as I was fighting an unfortunate headache and also didn’t plan on staying super late.

Yesterday was the usual work day. It started out somewhat slow, but picked up about mid-day. There are more concerns about the schedule and the kiosks. I am hoping that what is being reported concerning the schedule is true because if my shift gets cut back to 8 hours, I’m going to have to consider looking for another job. Fortunately for me, no one wants to work during the hours that I work every Sunday. As for the kiosks, some like them and some don’t. I don’t have real strong feelings either way. I do, however, have concerns that I have relayed to both of my supervisors with a potential solution for one. Hopefully, they will be addressed.

Shortly after I drove in the driveway at home, DH, DD, DS, and I went out and planted peas, lettuce, kale, and carrots. We also strung the pea fence in the stakes and DH helped me weed the garlic. We still have lettuce and peas that can be planted in a couple of weeks so we have continuous harvesting. Then it was into the house to check email, fix supper, finish laundry, make sure that a Calculus quiz was attempted, and explain a few questions to DD for her Personal Finance class. Needless to say that even though I woke up at 4 AM because I had slept six hours and couldn’t go back to sleep, I was tired but not able to go to sleep until after midnight.

This morning, the alarm went off at 6 AM and I tried to roll out of bed. I had been awake right before but I knew I had to get out of bed. There was a breakfast to be made, shower to be taken, and classes to be taught, so I got busy. Poor DS didn’t want to get up either as he didn’t fall asleep until after midnight either. It was stuffy in the house and he couldn’t sleep, but it was quite cold outside so he didn’t want a door open. Classes were a bit lighter today for DD and DS had his completed in the early afternoon. When DH woke up, we asked him to help us move the chicks to the side pen and brooder box and fix the hens up with their full facilities in the coop. It was a bit of a project, but they are moved and bedded down in the old brooder box with a red heat lamp. They enjoyed running around in the side pen for about 45 minutes while we finished up. I’m hoping to get pictures of them tomorrow so everyone can see how white the rooster is and how different the Golden Sex Links look from the Buff Orpingtons that we had last year.

The other picture I want to take and post is of our first daffodil. We have one that has blossomed in the same bed as the roses out front. It is pretty. The roses in the same bed have put on greenery but no rosebuds. I am hoping that in the next three weeks my flowers and herbs will grow bigger so I can plant them after Mother’s Day in the front flower/herb bed. I only lack marigolds to go along the edge. They are very important because they keep pests away. They are also so cheery.

If you have made it this far, you are doing really well, particularly without pictures. I haven’t knit since Friday night and probably won’t tonight because I plan to be in bed and shortly asleep around 10:30 PM. I can rest knowing that while the days and the nights are too short, they are best left the way they are. I will just try to fill things in tomorrow.  I know that I did all that I could and I will repeat the same process tomorrow and do as much as I can. Make sure that you take time to rest, however, as I know I must!


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