Gardening and Chicken Updates

In the interest of it being late and I’m sleepy, we’ll see how short this is. 🙂

This morning it was 29 degrees we climbed out of bed. The chicks were not allowed out to go out of their brooder box until after I returned from taking DD to work. By then it was 61 degrees and they needed to run around for a bit. Of course when they we caught and lifted out of their brooder box, they were delighted and proceeded to try to jump and fly around their enclosure. The rooster is getting really pretty and white. He also is getting better about being handled so maybe he will be nicer than the last one. Because we have to catch them to take them out of the brooder box and then to put them back in, they are being handled a lot more. Perhaps tomorrow when we let them out, we will remember to take pictures.

After an Algebra unit test and a Science semester test, I went outside to see if I could plant some onions. DS came out at DH’s insistence with a baseball cap for me to wear and also to help. Thanks to his help, all the Walla Walla onion starter plants and the red onion starter plants are now in the ground. DS also planted two red onions from last year that we will let go to seed this year so that next spring, we can start our own red onion seedlings. I also saved the trays that this year’s seedlings came in so that we could plant in them. Hopefully we will be able to save 2-3 of the Walla Walla’s this year to plant for seeds next spring. Everything watered by DS and so we’re hoping that they all do well. On a side note, I transplanted all the seedlings that were in the top shelf of the greenhouse into deeper containers as they were getting rootbound. We will see.

That’s all until next time.


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