29 days and counting…

Time is racing away. It is the end of April and I cannot believe it has rushed by so fast. DD’s graduation is on May 28! Only 29 days away. Today we will try and take another picture or two to pick from so that we have a nice picture to send in her announcements. Also have to put together an insert with a more personal message from Desiree that she will sign. Ahh, the joys of finishing up high school.

Before I go any further, I have to tell on DD. She is not a “hands-on” person, particularly when it comes to the chickens. However, last night, I had already changed clothes because when I was out watering the rose bushes, trees, blueberry bushes, and blackberry bush, I managed to step into what I thought was the rock part of one of the rose beds. Unfortunately, my foot just kept going, almost throwing me off balance. Because of the watering, there was a nice bit of mud that soon tried to swallow my red tennis shoes that I wear when out in the yard. I quickly rebalanced and after finishing my weeding and watering, I hurried into the house to try and see if I could wash the tennis shoes so they could dry and be used again today.

Anyhows, back to my story about DD! Because I was changed and it started to sprinkle and get cooler, I told DS that he needed to herd his chicks and hens into the coop for the night. I also asked DD if she would go help him. By the time she got out there, the hens had been herded in once, but came running back out when they heard the back door open. DS was trying to get the chicks in but since this was their first time to go into the coop at night, they weren’t clear on the routine, unlike the hens. DD started guarding the one or two that he had managed to get in while DS began running back and forth trying to get the hens and remaining chicks back in. After a bit of persuasion, the hens were all in, but the chicks were still needing to learn how to behave. DS kept trying to herd them in, but it was soon apparent that they were tiring him out. DD asked if it was her turn when he paused, so DS let her chase them around.

Unlike her brother, DD is very light on her feet and when she runs, she is graceful. Watching her “herd” the chicks was like watching her potential for ballet. It was a true pleasure and she had all but the last one in very shortly. The last one was standing at the door to the coop and not moving at all. This was not surprising since they are used to being picked up and put in their brooder box. DS told me later that he told his sister that she needed to pick the chick up and put it in the coop before all of them ran back out. I watched as DD reached down, bare handed, and picked up the chick and gently placed it just inside the door. This was a surprise to watch because DD just doesn’t “do” these kinds of things real willingly. I had already watched her “herd” the chicks out from behind the coop where there is a space between the coop and the fence, but to watch her pick up the chick bare handed was just wonderful. With the wind blowing and temperatures dropping, it was none too soon.

DD definitely showed that she is maturing in another way because she went out in inclement weather to help her brother (she’s not fond of wind at all) and then went beyond the “comfort zone” that we know she has to pick up the chick. This was a major step for her, though some wouldn’t see it that way. However, DD will do what has to be done when it comes down to it.

Driving is coming along for DD. She is getting more comfortable with the whole process, however she won’t drive to and from work yet, and I’m inclined to agree that she isn’t quite ready for that. Each time we take her out, she pushes herself further. I have faith that she will make it yet and eventually be ready to enter the adult world. In less than two months she will become an adult, so I’m hoping the last few things that we are doing right now will better prepare her for this. She will still be living at home for a year or two, but it’s time for her to consider taking charge of more of these things and making her own decisions. She’s been preparing for this for a long time and hopefully she’s ready for this step.


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