More planting

Thanks to slightly higher temperatures–yes we actually saw 70 degrees and a bit higher, DS and I planted most of the herbs and flowers in the front triangular flower bed. My biggest worry is that it was 28 degree last night so I’m wondering if I should put straw around the plants. There are still a few herbs that need to grow a bit more and I hope to find some marigolds for  great price to put across the front edge. They are one of my absolute favorite flowers next to pink roses.

All we need to plant yet this week are the cabbage and broccoli plants. Those will need to be planted tomorrow and then we will have a week’s break before we head into the remainder of planting for the garden. The tomato plants and remaining seeds–corn, okra, green beans, turtle beans, etc– as well as the peppers will be planted the week after Mother’s Day.

This is somewhat contingent on the school not tying up the whole week with DD’s finals. There is a nasty rumor going around that they moved finals up a whole week but there are no specific dates and times yet. I’m hoping it isn’t that way at all because that means that DD will have to talk to her boss again and try to change her days to take off again. Right now she has received approval to have May 20 and 21 off to focus on finals. Bottom line is that she and I will both be glad when classes are finished.

DS’s socks are getting closer to being complete. I have approximately 20 rounds yet before I reach the toe. I haven’t gotten as much done on the second sock as I hoped.  They are a pretty pair, but just not going real fast as they are my portable project. I’m not sure if I will get to work on them Sunday at the annual Fair, but they will be done before long.

DH called in regarding OT tonight and he was needed. Off to work he went while I picked DD up from her job. It will be 12 hours for him tonight and he will be tired, but his OT will be done again for a few days.

The chicks seem to be settling in with the older hens. There is still a bit of bossing, but they are working it out. I know that they have to get their pecking order right so as long as they aren’t hurting each other, we’ll let them alone. GPID told me today that their oldest chick is frustrating him because it (no one knows whether it is male or female) loves to dig and kick holes in the bedding and the bedding ends up in the water feeder, stopping it up so they can’t get to the water. He’s having to clean it out several times a day. Also it keeps kicking over the food tray. I had to fight not to laugh bcause we have dealt with a lot of that ourselves. He is giong to try and enlarge the chicks’ area to see if that will help. I suggested that IF it didn’t have any down, he might want to consider tossing it in with the older hens, but he said he was just going to try and make their area where the hens can’t get in but the chicks can get in and out.


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