Garden and yard update

The weather has been warmer the last few days and finally the garden is starting to come up. I sometimes feel like my dad who we used to call “Thomas”. It is so hard not to become impatient with how slow some of the garden seeds are coming up. So far, only my onions, garlic, seed onions, and the peas have come up. The peas just started pushing through the soil a couple of days ago and are showing that most all the seed have come up. When they are just a wee bit bigger, I will have to weed around some of these while I wait for the rest to come up. We still have beets, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, and kale that have not come up. And tomorrow I really need to get the cabbage and broccoli plants in the ground. Pretty much all of the herbs with the exception of maybe one parsley plant and my rosemary plant died after planting outside. I am hoping to plant seeds and maybe get some going.
Next week I also am hoping that the weather will stay warm and I can get my peppers and tomato plants into the garden. I will need to use water walls and also cover some plants with water bottles that have had the bottoms cut off. We used this method last year and it worked pretty well. After they go through “shock” and get established and start growing good we will then stake the tomatoes. I am hoping to get enough for fresh eating, making and canning salsa, and possibly canning some large ones whole. We will just have to see how it goes. I am also going to get the rest of my seeds in the garden as I don’t want my crops to harvest too late like last year. I want to have okra in the freezer next winter.
The last two mornings I have continued pulling the weeds in the front rose bed. Most of the bed around the roses is clean, however, there is a nice area just past the roses that extends into the ditch and as long as I keep watering it, I should be able to pull the nasty weeds out of it. The chickens love the weeds so it is a “win-win” situation.
Even though DH was up for 24 hours, he supervised DS while DS mowed the lawn with GPID’s riding mower. They also brought over the push mower and trimmed up several areas. Now DS just needs to get the weed whacker and finish trimming up the edges. It looks so much nicer. And, the chickens were thrilled with the grass clippings.
Speaking of the chickens, we are having to collect eggs several times each day because eggs are being pecked. Sunday we lost three eggs and today we lost one. DS and I aren’t sure who is doing it or if it is a bird other than the chickens. We will continue to collect eggs several times a day in order to hopefully discourage whoever is doing this from continuing to ruin eggs. I am hoping that either we will catch them “red beaked” or they will lose interest as the eggs will disappear frequently. I discussed the problem with GPID and he agreed this was what we needed to do. I don’t want a chicken to get in the habit or get a taste for this, although whoever or whatever is doing it doesn’t actually eat the egg or even bust the yolk. They just peck a hole in the egg and “ruin” it for any human consumption.


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