Nearer Still Nearer

We are getting closer to graduation for DD. This is good because she is getting closer and closer to being so very tired of schoolwork. In the past nine years of homeschooling DD, she has never indicated so early that she is ready to be done. She has always loved learning and not wanted it to stop, but this year it is different. She is so very ready for it all to be done. DD knows that she will be going to one of two colleges in the fall, but hasn’t made a final decision yet. She’s just trying to get through to graduation. Today, we talked about which dress she would like to wear and I even asked her if she would like me to get her something different. She just wants me to find a dry cleaner to take her sundress to, so we will do that. I also will have to call my friend who cuts hair next week and see when she can fit DD in for a trim before the 28th.

The rumor about the finals being moved up a week proved to be partially true. DD has her AP Calculus and AP English Language and Composition finals this next Monday and Tuesday mornings, respectively. I will drive her to take them and then make sure she eats and gets to work that afternoon as she hasn’t taken off those two days. Her Government and Honors Physics finals will be the following Monday and Tuesday which she had already requested off. Then she will have nothing to do until graduation, other than work half days. That is when I hope to get her hair trimmed, dress cleaned, and graduation gift purchased. We asked her if she wanted a party afterwards, but she was extremely insistent that not happen. There is a reception following the graduation ceremony that we will all attend and that will probably be more than enough knowing her.

I’m very proud of DD. The last two years have been very challenging for her. She particularly struggled during the fall term of each school year, but she succeeded and completed her work. When DD was about two years old, I wondered what she would be like at this point in her life. I can say with pleasure that she has turned into a very intelligent, thoughtful, and beautiful young lady. She always thinks of others first. She works hard and plays hard. I am proud to call her my daughter. She has requested to not have her picture posted here, but I am hoping that she will allow one picture from graduation.


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