Small stitchy update but no pictures :(

After a busy weekend, I am still tired and do not have a lot of stitchy updates to add. I will say that I have almost gotten one sleeve completed on DD’s sweater. Because I have been busy and tired, I have not dared to pick it up and add more rounds.

Another dish cloth was completed and set aside. I still have the ends to weave in. It is a Christmas tree, however I ran out of the dark green yarn and so had to finish up with a small piece left over from a dish cloth that was decidedly not Christmassy. I will keep this one to use in my kitchen.

There are approximately fifteen rounds left on DS’s socks and then the toes. Yes, I’m still plugging away on these when I am waiting for DD to get off work. I will be glad when these are done because then I can cast on another pair in some simple pattern with self-striping yarn. I have some yarn that DH wants some socks from and I would like to get busy on them.

On the non-knitting front, I have been putting in a few stitches on one of my old cross stitch projects. It has been moved to WIP status. You probably remember this post. I have now added most of the green stitching and when that is done, the third panel will be done and ready for taking pictures. Then I will start with the next panel or section. I really should start on my niece’s wedding gift in case she does get married in a year or so, but I’ll wait just a bit longer on that. As it is getting warmer, I’m finding that cross stitching and sock knitting are fitting into my schedule better than big sweater projects. Of course, I would love to complete the sweater so that it is ready to wear this next fall.

Hopefully, I will have pictures of my WIPs and finishes very soon. For now, you will just have to use your imagination and hopefully be patient just a wee bit longer.


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