Closer and almost ready to put a fork in it

Whilst my DD is supposed to be working on her schoolwork, I ill attempt to type up this pst. Howver, tis may e a problem becaue WordPress does not want to type all my letters. 😦 So perhaps in he nterestof hving a readable post, I ill go out to a wrd prcessing progrm and type my copy to paste bac hee when I am done.

For almost a month now, WordPress and my computer have not gotten along. I can type text documents just about anywhere else, but WordPress insists on dropping random letters as you can see above. Most of the time now, I choose to use either Office Word or LibreOffice Writer. Today, in the interest of expanding my learning of LibreOffice, I am choosing to type my post and then copy it to WordPress. I will insert the pictures after it is copied in.

Sooooo….it is time to catch up with pictures and copy on what has been happening. DD is getting ever closer to graduation. I think senioritis has finally hit as she has great trouble focusing on her work and can find all kinds of ways to avoid it until she has no choice. One of the good things that has happened in the last 24 hours is that she has finally decided what she is going to do next year and where. She has finally chosen to spend her first year at a local community college. She will be working on taking as many of her general studies as she can. Some of them have already been taken and will be credited to her, but she will take at last four classes each semester. I am so glad that decision has been made. She will still need to finish learning how to drive and get her license, but that will hopefully happen after graduation.

Scooter has mostly finished shedding his winter fur and is now looking much skinnier, but he is still healthy. As it has gotten warmer, he has taken to sprawling on the sofa and trying to sleep in the kids’ bathtub. We are still confining him at night as he has also decided that he likes curtains, anything that moves, anything with strings, and anything that he is told “NO” about.

"Stretching out as far as I can"

“Stretching out as far as I can”

"I don't like water, but the bathtub is so cool. Leave me be!"

“I don’t like water, but the bathtub is so cool. Leave me be!”

The garden is finally starting to show that something is choosing to come up. We have peas up and growing daily. I am so anxious to make sure that they are climbing their fencing soon. DH put the fence up much earlier right after we planted the peas and it has just been waiting to be used.

"We're reaching for the sun!"

“We’re reaching for the sun!”

The garlic continues to grow and I am thankful for that. According to my research, we will leave it until June at which time it will die back and then we will harvest it in the fall. I would love to have plenty of our own garlic this year.

Some of the garlic

Some of the garlic

We also have kale coming up, the onions continue to grow, and DS helped me to plant my cabbage and broccoli plants. If we took a picture of the cabbage and broccoli plants, all you would see are the water bottles that are covering them. I am hoping to plant a couple of chile peppers and a couple of tomatoes this afternoon to see how they do. Next week we will finish planting the rest of the garden. It is about ½ full and I’m concerned that I will run out of room. I am thinking about putting peppers in between the cabbage and broccoli plants.

Covered plants

Covered plants

The chicks are growing steadily. Mr. Pollo Blanco is really quite a handsome dude. He is such a pretty white.

"I'm growing and eating and growing some more."

“I’m growing and eating and growing some more.”

The other chicks are also getting bigger and one of the Golden Sex Link pullets is getting a bit fatter than the rest. DS says she’s a “piggy”. This batch is much more friendly than the last batch and we’re enjoying them immensely. Also, last night DS didn’t shut them in until well after dark and for once he didn’t have to chase the chicks in too. They were already inside so he just shut the door.

"Hey, I want some, too!"

“Hey, I want some, too!”

"We're so thirsty!"

“We’re so thirsty!”

Here you can see one of our older hens sitting on three eggs.

"This must be where everyone else goes to have fun!"

“This must be where everyone else goes to have fun!”

She was laying hers and I just happened to catch a shot of her on them. We have been removing the eggs frequently this week because something or someone (one of the hens) has been pecking eggs and ruining them if we leave them very long. We also know that one of our hens is not laying eggs, though we aren’t sure which one. I imagine that it is one of our Rhode Island Reds. They are not known for laying regularly. Of the seven hens that should be laying, we only get 5-6 eggs each day. IF that one isn’t the “guilty” party, then I suspect that one of our Black Sex Links is molting. They don’t lay when they are molting.

It's hard to eat white eggs from the grocery store after you have enjoyed these.

It’s hard to eat white eggs from the grocery store after you have enjoyed these.

I failed to take a picture of the finished panel of the cross stitch needlebook so that is still waiting. However, I have started the next panel in a bright orange variegated thread with a yellow-green variegated thread to complement. So far I only have part of two sides stitched, so not a lot to show.

Last, but certainly not least, I have started the toe on the second sock for DS. I am so glad that I am finally at that point as I can see an end in sight. I am ready to start the 4th round of the toe and will hope to continue that this weekend and put a fork in that project, unlike the just over two weeks that we have before we can put a fork in DD’s education through high school. When that happens, we will really feel like celebrating!


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