The phantom mouse and the new spray bottle

Scooter the cat made two rather strange acquaintances today. In a particular fit of racing around the house and seeing what he could get into at seven months old, he made his first acquaintance with my new spray bottle. Allegedly, DS bought the bottle for watering my house plants, however we have also decided that since a certain someone has been needing firmer and rapid correction of negative behavior, the spray bottle is being employed. Yesterday when we first had the bottle, Scooter didn’t even know what it was for, but for once was on his best or better behavior.

About lunch time today, this changed. Scooter was insistent on getting into ant traps, cords, curtains, and the like and then he made the true mistake of getting on top of DD’s desk. DD quickly grabbed the bottle and headed for her bedroom where a kitten quickly learned that he couldn’t run from a direct line of spray forever. She kept the water off of her papers, but made sure he felt it. All we saw and heard was a flash of black trying to run away from it. When he hit a stretch of vinyl flooring, his little paws scrambled to get a grip but he kept going until he was away from her. Being the youngster that he is, he soon had to go back and see what would happen the next time. DD took great delight in a repeat performance and watching him scramble away from the water. He wasn’t drenched, but he got hit with a squirt or two.

Finally when we thought he was settling down for a bit, out of the corner of my eye I saw something gray fly from the bathroom to under the corner of DS’s bedroom door. I told the kids to leave the cat along as he went dashing after this immediately. I wasn’t sure if it was a mouse or not since we unfortunately have had them in the house and it moved to fast for me to see. The cat was certainly on it. We watched as Scooter sniffed, pawed and went behind the door and then came back out. Finally he gave up and went into the kids’ bathroom to lay behind the toilet.

At that point I told DS that he needed to see what was in his room behind the door. Curious, he immediately went to check. There was silence and then he came out to show us the “mouse”. It was a small piece of gray plastic shopping bag! Great for entertaining the cat, but not much of a mouse.

Scooter's Phantom Mouse

Scooter’s Phantom Mouse

Tonight DD’s desk has been tried again with repeat results and a great chase for several squirts. And just a bit ago, the curtain was attacked and the spray went flying. Hopefully, the “discipline” will take soon. I’m so thankful that it is only water, though!


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