Cold tonight

We are one week from graduation and yet, the weather has decided to take a turn for colder temperatures. Tonight we are expecting to see temperatures down around 38 degrees. Of course, this will mean that the chickens will have their heat lamp on again, and just when I thought we were finally going to see the end of it. The honey-dew melon plants are covered with straw and DS helped me cover the  potatoes since they needed dirt heaped up on them anyway.

Speaking of potatoes, it is amazing to me that all of the seed potatoes appear to have come up. The plants are all healthy so I’m hoping they will make it through tonight. The last couple of days have been cooler but tonight will be the lowest. The carrots are just starting to come up and the beets are getting taller. Everything was really starting to look good with the exception of the tomato plants that are still in shock. They are being slow again. We also don’t have any corn, green beans, or okra coming up yet. We need warmth and sunshine. We also need rain. Everything is so very dry.

I’ve lost one of my zinnias. It looks like something ate on it real good. The biggest challenge for all the flowers will be to see if they make it through tonight’s cold. Like a lot of people around here, I waited past Mother’s Day before planting and we are still having unusually cold temperatures. Even the cool weather crops are slow to grow.

Having the Rhode Island Red hens in the side pen is working out really well. They “chat” through the fencing with the other hens, but they have plenty of room to run without bullying everyone else. Today DS collected six eggs from seven hens. I’m still not sure who is laying. Both of the Reds laid eggs so who knows. DS was figuring out how many eggs we potentially could get in a week once all of the chickens are laying and he figures it will be 90+–he says 98 per week, but that’s if everyone lays every day and we know there is at least one that isn’t laying every day. We will have to find at least 1-2 more customers, but the nice part will be that I might get some eggs again instead of all of them going to the neighbor. 🙂

Cross stitch is going in fits and starts. I still have not taken any pictures of the completed panel or the progress on the fourth panel. The orange variegated on the fourth panel is very different and only time will tell if I like it. I’m too far in to take it out as the orange will leave an orange “cast” to the fabric. I’ll either continue and see how it goes and then decide whether I want to use the panel or redo it in a different color.

The dishcloth that I was knitting has stalled. It is in parts because the pattern is an angel. I have two or three of the parts done, but I am not sure how well it will hold up to actual use. I think for now I will move to the next pattern until I have time to make it secure.

And finally, DS’s new dress shirt in a light green is all finished. Even the handwork is done. Friday I will take the shirt along with DS to pick out trousers–his are already getting too short and they are only one month old–and a tie. He should look spiffy at graduation. Then I hope to maybe sew up the blue skirt that is cut out so I don’t embarrass my family with the same old outfits that I have worn forever. We are now down to seven days and counting until graduation!!!


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