So today was graduation for DD. The day was finally here and it was hard to tell who was more excited, DD or her dad and I. After all, we had worked hard and waited for 13 years to reach this point. DD has worked hard to reach this point, too. All we had left was the rehearsal, an award ceremony for DS and then the graduation for DD followed by a reception.

We were very lucky because they had extra people at DH’s work last night, so he was able to come home and rest last night so he could go early with DD and I to the rehearsal, etc. After a somewhat leisurely morning, we ate lunch, dressed, and headed off to the graduation venue at one of the local private universities. When we walked in, one of DD’s classmates quickly introduced her to another and they began chatting away. This may sound abnormal, but for most of these kids, this is the norm. Many of these kids using the virtual program do not get to meet each other in person until graduation. On that day they finally put a face to a name. This can be real challenging for the outgoing kids in the class. They have attended online classes together and occasionally met at school events, but being from all over the state and some live out of state, it is almost impossible to get to know everyone. There were also 184 students in the class. Three graduation ceremonies will be held around our state, so only about 50 kids were there tonight. Still that was a big enough “crowd” for DD.

We, DH and I, are so very proud of DD. She has grown into a beautiful young lady with ambition and perseverance. She has overcome many obstacles already in her life and is very capable of overcoming the obstacles ahead. She has dreams and keeps Christ at the center of her life. Tonight the reality of finally being finished with high school finally sank into DD’s mind. Her face lit up and it was like a dam had broken. She was/is so happy to have this done and is now talking about overcoming the immediate challenges she faces as well as pursuing her dreams.

DD with her honor cords waiting for graduation to start

DD with her honor cords waiting for graduation to start

We do not know what DD’s final cumulative GPA is, however we do know that it is over 3.5 as she was given one purple and one white cord to wear. The school colors are purple and white so the girls wore purple gowns and the boys wore white.

DD being congratulated by her school counselor.

DD being congratulated by her school counselor.

I promised DD that I would not put “tons” of pictures up, and since the camera is not taking the greatest pictures in the lighting that was available in the auditorium, I’m stopping with these. The camera issue will have to be resolved. Hopefully the are other pictures taken by GPID and my SIL and hopefully some of them were better so we can send them out to family.

We are so proud of DD and wish her all the best as she prepares to move on to college in the fall!


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