New Start on Trip

On our trip to see my sister’s family and my parents, I started a new project. It is hard when you are riding along a car trying to make the miles pass and you don’t want to sleep through the scenery. Even though I don’t crochet so much, it is easy and can even be mindless.

To use up yarn left given to me from my MIL’s stash when she died, I started another afghan that is one large granny square. It took a couple of tries before I got my rhythm back, but now it is moving along. These colors are probably the closest to what they actually look like. The center is a deep purple and when that ran out, I attached a variegated color and used it. When I take another picture of it, you will see that I have now added a rich turquoise. Unfortunately, the turquoise is more of a DK or sport weight yarn so I’m crocheting it loosely to see how it will work out.

Beginning of afghan

Beginning of afghan

I also have to water and weed the front flower beds and the garden this week. A week away makes a big difference.


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