FO, Cherries, and Rain

Yesterday, DS and I finally picked the tart pie cherries at GPID’s house. He had told me last Friday that we would need to pick them early this week, however with coming home from vacation, there was tons of “catching up” to do. In the course of all my catching up, I forgot about the cherries until I was taking DD to work yesterday. When I got home, I quickly told DS that we needed to pick the cherries before GPID reminded us that they were still there. It was HOT, but we went out and began picking. Thankfully there was only one tree, but the crop was huge compared to previous years. After picking and picking and more picking, we had two big pans full and pretty much the only cherries left on the tree were ones that were not ripe.

The cherries were washed and I began pitting them one by one. What a sticky, slow job! I finished approximately 1/2 of them before I had to stop and start supper and go pick up DD from work. After supper I had to finish the job. We will be glad this winter for the 11 pints that were put up and moved to the freezer. All of us like cherry cobbler. One drawback: my right thumb down to the base of my hand was so very sore. It hurt to move it. One plus: I found that pulling out the sock I have been knitting and working on it kept my thumb moving and eased some of the pain. This morning there was no pain left.

The pair of self-striping socks that I have been working on sock #1 has been bound off. I had very little yarn left and after trying it on, I have decided to take out the bind off and rip back a couple of rows and try a different bind off. It’s not as comfortable as I would like. Unfortunately, there is not a picture of it yet. I am hoping to cast on sock #2 this afternoon so that I can put it in my bag to work on while waiting for DD to get off work.

And last but certainly not least, we were supposed to have “isolated t-storms” and 30% chance of rain today. Shortly after 8 AM, it started to rain and totally ruined my chances of weeding the garden today. I can’t complain too much, though.  We so need the rain. I was hoping that the front flower bed would dry out some more, however that won’t happen until probably Friday. Wonder how tall the weeds will be tomorrow and Friday? At least they will be easy to pull out and rain water is so much cheaper and better than lawn sprinklers.

Cracked wheat bread loaf has just gone in the oven to bake for supper. We will have a squash casserole, fresh bread, frozen green beans and frozen carrot slices. I love to make bread on a rainy day because the humidity helps it rise so nicely. Last load of laundry is in the dryer and it is time for DD to go to work. More for another day–later!


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