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Quick post here with picture to come later. DS, DD, and I were out pulling tumbleweeds, thistle, ground cover, and all other manner of weeds behind the big trees in the back yard and next to the chicken pen. Because the vast majority of it was still green, we were tossing it all over to the chickens to enjoy. They were all thrilled in both areas with the fresh greens, even if they were weeds. It also means that the egg yolks will be dark orange. After pulling them and DD went inside, DS and I were watching the chickens pick through the greenery.

As I watched, I noticed that one of our Astralorps, the one that DS calls “Honker” and that has the deformed foot, has longer tail feathers than its age mates. It also has a large crown and gobbler (I think that is what it is called) that the other Astralorps its age don’t have. The tail feathers are long and narrow and stand up a bit. They are a lovely green color against the black unlike the other three that are mostly black and don’t have long tail feathers.

After “arguing” with DS for a bit, we both decided that “Honker” is a rooster. This means that we have two roosters and 13 hens. Hopefully having two roosters will keep each of them in check instead of attacking us when we go in to feed, water, and collect eggs. “Pollo Blanco” has been working on his crowing, but we haven’t heard anything more than a “honk” out of our newest rooster so we will have to see if he just likes to be quiet.


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