Goodbye Ms. Busybody :(

Today the temperature was really hot outside–well over 100 degrees. Every 2-3 hours DS went out to check the food and water for his chickens. Sometime between lunch and supper, Ms. Busybody succumbed to the heat and died. While she had turned into a mean chicken, she still laid eggs. We will miss her and I know Springy, our other Rhode Island Red will miss her too. They were in the side pen together and now Springy will be by herself until we decide whether or not to move her back with the main flock.

Miss Busy Body and Springy, our Rhode Island Reds

Miss Busy Body and Springy, our Rhode Island Reds

Goodbye, Ms. Busybody! Thank you for all your personality and eggs! Here’s hoping and praying we don’t lose any more chickens to tomorrow’s heat. We have stormy weather right now that will hopefully cool things down and maybe even produce a bit of rain. It was producing lightning which stopped us from watering the garden.


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