Harvest time has begun

Even though we picked peas earlier, I don’t consider harvest time started with such a small crop. However, today DS and I picked the first beets. There were some good greens as well. Tomorrow we will hopefully pick most, if not all, of the remaining beets. Then, I will plant black turtle bean seeds that hopefully will grow and dry on the vines/bushes.

From this morning’s picking we froze four quart-size baggies of beets and one quart-size baggie of beet greens. DS said he would try the greens once. I’m hoping to maybe get a few more greens just for something different. Of course, working on the beets–which were picked later in the morning than planned because of DH’s follow-up six-month visit with the doctor–delayed the weeding in the front of the house and the sewing of a sundress for DD. I’m off to take a few stitches on the dress as it would be nice for her to have something nice and new to wear.

And yes, I do have pictures but they are not downloaded from the camera yet. MUST. GO. SEW. 🙂


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