Beans and granny stitches

Yesterday I picked a few of the early green beans. Apparently I have two kinds of seeds planted and the ones that are covered heavily in blossoms have already had green beans on them that are ready to pick. There wasn’t a complete quart bag yet, but a few is better than none.

The knitting is seeing sporadic work. Yesterday I was able to knit a few rounds on the socks in my bag that I carry to work on while waiting for DD to get off work. I have one more repeat and then I will start working on the heel of the second sock. YAY! It always seems like the foot takes forever. Pictures will be forthcoming.

On the cross stitch front, I had to frog four motifs on the 5th panel of my current project. I was one column off which threw me off on all four motifs. It isn’t fun to frog 28-count stitches and fabric. All have been restitched and maybe tomorrow or the next day I will add more stitches. I would love to finish the cross stitch portion of this before school resumes in August, but only time will tell. Pictures will be forthcoming!

My granny square blanket continues to grow. In my frustration over the alternator and the warm temperatures, I still managed to completely add the turquoise blue skein and have started a light green skein. So far it still looks great. Again, I hope to add pictures soon.

And lastly, I have two bowls of plums from GPID that I need to make jam out of. The only part I don’t like is that it takes so much sugar for it to set properly and I will need to purchase some more small jar lids on Friday to have for canning up this jam. DS isn’t so sure about plain plum jam but we’re going to try it. The peach-plum jam I put up last year is delicious, however, I don’t know how the family will like plain plum jam. Still, free fruit is free fruit and mustn’t go to waste!

Also need to make some bread for us and rolls, peanut butter/rice/carrot casserole, peach cobbler for Saturday night supper. I will be using stuff from the freezer. We will serve steamed green beans and last year’s beets from the freezer to make room for this year’s harvest.

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