He could go no further

Two evenings ago, DH went to pick up DD from work. This is usually my job however, I was just getting out of a meeting at my own job when DD was getting off work. As I left my meeting, I checked my phone for messages/missed calls. So far so good! Quickly dialing DH’s phone I pretty much knew that I would get DS on the phone at home. While driving home and talking to DS, my cell phone started “beeping” in my Bluetooth ear piece. The number wasn’t one that I immediately recognized and by the time I realized it was from DD’s work, it quit beeping. I hung up with DS and tried to call back but the switchboard was already shut down.

Thankfully DH thoughtfully left a message, though neither of us wanted to have his news. He had managed to get to DD’s work and while waiting for her to come out, his alternator died! Someone had tried to jumpstart his battery, but there was nothing to be done. The alternator was dead and the battery was unable to give any help. I quickly tried DD’s cell phone, only to find out later that it was dead because she had forgotten to charge it. Calling DS back to let him know that supper would have to go somewhat on hold and that I was picking him up to go with me back across town, I hurried down the road. DH called again and I told him to call the contact number for the roadside assistance on our insurance policy.

By the time DD and I arrived, the tow service was on its way. We waited for them to get there, provided them with insurance and other pertinent information, and then headed home to wait for the car to be towed. DH took my car to work that night while we explored options. Would it be best to get a replacement part from the junkyard or buy a remanufactured alternator from a local parts store?

One junkyard showed potential, so after GPID had pulled out the alternator, I took it early this morning to see if it was a match. Despite it being a match, when DS and I took it to be tested it didn’t work. This alternator was unable to generate enough of a charge. The gentleman who tested it at NAPA Auto Parts was very helpful when I hesitated to order an alternator from them. It was going to eat $171.40 plus taxes out of an already tight budget. He not only did his best to try and bring the price down a bit, he also arranged to have the alternator delivered to a store closer to our house. It should be there sometime tomorrow morning and when they call, I will go pick it up. I’m not looking forward to the “pain” in our budget, but between DH, GPID, DS, and yes, even DD wants to help and see how it goes back in, they should have it “road worthy” by tomorrow night when DH leaves for work.

One downside: DH and DS will not be going on the raft trip on Sunday due to the financial setback. Plus side: There is a possibility of another raft trip in August.

Blessings: This could have happened on the freeway between home and DD’s work. Instead it happened while DH was waiting in the parking lot. GPID has been very helpful with the whole pulling the alternator out part and never once told me, “I told you so” when the alternator from the junkyard didn’t work. This could have happened at DH’s work and been a much longer tow job that wouldn’t have been completely covered by our insurance. No one was hurt in any way–just our pocketbook.


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