Hot! Hot! Hot!

This seems to be a familiar refrain for most everyone right now. Our temperatures are up just like everyone else and in stark contrast to previous “hot” years, we also have more humidity than usual. Unfortunately, I have grown used to the dry heat here and my body doesn’t like the humid heat that we used to have when I grew up down south! Thankfully, once the sun goes down or starts setting, the temperatures do start to cool, unlike down south! We received our electric bill and that didn’t help us cool off either.

The garden is growing well. While “flooding” the trenches with water from the irrigation canal this morning, I decided to do a quick check to see if anything needed to be picked. One jalapeño easily left the plant and on the four plants I counted at least 20 more in various stages of growth. There are blossoms, too so we will have plenty for salsa and such and even a few to share with my SIL who has none that grew this year. There was another squash ready to pick and a few green beans. Sunday, DH, DD, and DS will need to pick the green beans again.

The bell pepper continues to grow and more of them are growing on each plant. I actually found one tomato about the size of a quarter so even those have finally started to make fruit. One red onion was sitting mostly above the ground and since I needed an onion for my casserole for tomorrow night, it was pulled. The Walla Walla Sweet onions are getting big and someday soon I will have to pull them and put them in their storage box. DH and I discussed the need for another storage box that is larger and also more tightly sealed against insects and rodents. That box will hold our potatoes when we dig them up in August.

The chickens are starting to lay more along with eating more. We are seeing eggs from some of the babies–6-8 eggs total a day with more expected. We ultimately could see a dozen a day. That would be wonderful!

DH’s car is back together and running properly. GPID and DS put the new alternator in and tested it before DH had to go to work last night. I sent my set of jumper cables with him just in case, but it started right up. Today DD and I picked up five quarts of oil and a oil filter so they could perform an oil change on DH’s car on Sunday. Then DH will need to go purchase a small bit of rubber tubing to replace the section from the windshield wiper fluid reservoir to the spray nozzle that snapped last Monday. Hopefully, DH’s car will be all good for a bit. With 130K miles on it, we are seeing a bit of extra care needed now and then.

DD finished her formal driver’s training and now we have the 50-150 hours of practice before she tries the driving test. Today, she learned how to parallel park, park perpendicular, and merge/exit to/from an interstate. By the time she finished the 1 1/2 hour session, she was exhausted and relieved. Now to practice, practice, practice and become familiar with the area where she will take her test.

The two bowls of plums have not been processed due to a million and one or so other projects. Some of them appear to be trying to dry up a bit so I’m considering the idea of cutting them off the pits and drying them. It wouldn’t cost much different to do that from making plum butter. Or I might do a bit of both–the dried ones like prunes and the plum butter for putting on pancakes and waffles this winter at breakfasts. DD won’t eat either, but DH, DS, and I will eat them.

The menu changed slightly for tomorrow night: rice/carrot/peanut butter casserole, fresh homemade bread rolls, steamed green beans, cooked beets, and banana cake (mixed and baked by DD) with cream cheese frosting for dessert. Bananas were on special for $.38 a pound instead of the usual $.52 that we have seen for the last several years.

So that is it for now! I hope wherever you are, you stay cool and have a wonderful weekend!

PS: The sock knitting is now a few rows into the heel and the blanket has two rounds of bright green. I haven’t had two seconds to work on either today so I believe I will add a stitch or two before I fall into bed. Morning comes early and DH will be home 1/2 hour earlier than usual, hungry and ready to get his own rest.

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