On the needles–etc

There isn’t a whole lot to discuss for this week on the knitting front. I am still only halfway through the heel flap on my second sock that I carry in my bag to work on while waiting for DD to get off work. I had hoped to at least finish the heel last night while DS was at his youth group meeting, but the meeting didn’t happen and the knitting didn’t happen either.

The crochet blanket is moving along. This afternoon I finished off another random skein and started adding the light lavender. That will leave me with bright yellow and dark green skeins. As I am crocheting this, I really am reaffirming how much I don’t like acrylic yarn. Most of it is not as soft as wool or wool blends and some of it is just flat stiff. Still, these are going to be gifts and I won’t have to worry about how they are washed/cleaned so that is the up side of this whole project.

No cross stitch has happened this week. Shame on me, but I just haven’t been interested. I’d really like my frame finished so that I could have my project in it to work on–HINT, HINT! 🙂 I have DD’s frame with a restarted picture of horses in it that I need to get back out but that probably won’t happen until it gets cooler.

The other thing that I really need to do is sew clothes. I have some cut out and I just need to sit down and get busy at the sewing machine. There are also a few things I would like to make that I need to look up instructions/patterns for. I would love to make my own well-fitting lingerie, but I need to do a substantial amount of research before I venture there.

Two and a half quarts==or two quart jars and one pint jar of homemade ketchup were put up this morning and boiled off. These came from five quarts of tomato juice that were put up last summer. Unfortunately, we aren’t using as much tomato juice for sauces and such as we had hoped due to both DH and I having issues with GERD. His is worse than mine as he has to take the medicine all the time. Mine just gets worse when I eat something I shouldn’t or I’m stressed. I only take the medicine as needed. Anyway, we are boiling down the tomato juice into ketchup–not all of it but about 20 quarts. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pot that I can boil down all 20 at one time so I have to boil down three then add the last two, one at a time until that is boiled down to about half. This will give me ketchup for DS that doesn’t have food coloring in it, which he has issues with, and will also free up quart jars to can salsa and applesauce before canning season is over. I am also thinking about canning whole tomatoes, but haven’t totally decided on that yet.

There is 1 1/3 buckets left of apricots to be put up. That amounts to about 6-7 gallons yet to be dealt with. I am hoping to deal with them on Monday. The plan is to make some apricot butter, maybe some apricot preserves though I haven’t found a recipe that I like, and then can the rest whole.

We are picking green beans, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, okra, yellow and zucchini squashes, cucumbers, and the occasional onion now. It is so nice to be getting stuff out of our garden. I am hoping that the tomatoes will get a move on as they are covered in blossoms and some of them have started setting. The vines for the most part are huge, so here’s crossing my fingers we get a good crop. The corn has started to put out a few tassels so we might get lucky with a nice bit out of our two rows. And the potatoes are showing more blossoms. Supposedly that means that they are growing more potatoes, but only time will tell.

Maybe after this weekend I can get some more pictures for everyone–a post is so much more interesting when there are pictures. We’re also due for updated pictures of the chickens. Our roosters are getting bigger and prettier. The white Golden Sex Link one is very mild and gentle, and the black Astralorp one isn’t too bad either. What a nice experience after that Plymouth last year!

On Sunday I will have been blogging for one year. Look for a special post–must get busy working on it!


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