So what has been keeping me so busy?

Last week when GPID and DS picked apricots, I had no idea how long it would take to get them canned. Yesterday I started out by sorting the last 5-gallon bucket of apricots. Unfortunately, there were some that I lost due to not being able to can them on the weekend. They ripened quickly and so yesterday, I canned the last ones. We ended up with a total of 31 quarts of apricot halves in thin syrup and 3 pints of apricot jam. That was an incredible blessing as the fruit cost us nothing. I was only out some more jars, sugar, jar lids, and time. Totally worth it!!!

The weekend was busy with a meeting with one of the youth group leaders and her husband. It was a lovely visit and new friends were made. Unfortunately, we were out very late Saturday night and I had to grab a bite and go to bed so I could get a wee bit of sleep before my 12-hour shift on Sunday. Did I go to bed early on Sunday  night? Not hardly! There were the usual phone calls to GPID, GPCA, and GMCA to see how they were doing as well as finishing up laundry, catching up on emails, putting kids to bed, and trying to spend a bit of time with DH.

This week was also the beginning of the Vacation Bible School that DS is helping with. We are truly blessed as GPID has been willing and able to pickup DS and take him so far. DS is helping organize the games and thoroughly enjoying himself. My SIL has been gracious enough to bring him home afterwards since she lives across the street with GPID. This is particularly helpful on all accounts as I have been picking up DD from work, driving her to the community college parking lot, and then letting her drive us home. This all takes place at the same time that DS needs to be at VBS. We are using this is part of DD’s driver’s training practice for the test in three weeks. We have set a deadline of getting her driver’s license the week before school starts. It is really important because it will not be possible for me to drive her to school three mornings a week, pick her up after classes, and then take her to and from work in the afternoon, all while trying to homeschool her brother through high school. This whole scheduling nightmare hit home with me while I was at work on Sunday but we have A PLAN! DH will also take her each Sunday between now and then to the town where she hopes to take the test so that she can become familiar with it.

This morning I picked okra, green beans, cucumbers, two onions (one red and one a sweet Walla Walla), and a zucchini squash. I also pulled weeds in the garden as I picked. When it became too hot to work outside, I came in and made phone calls for GPID. Thankfully those went well and his issues should be resolved soon. While I prepared lunch, I blanched and froze three quarts of green beans. The okra was sliced and put in a bag in the refrigerator and the other vegetables that were picked were cleaned and put away. The rose bushes were trimmed again and the trimmings put in the trash can that was put away. I had about a half hour of a break before I had to start cooking supper as DS had to eat early and I wasn’t sure that DH was going in early or not. Thankfully he didn’t have to go in early. Tomorrow will be important because GPID will be leaving town on a trip and won’t be back before Friday evening and maybe not then. I may have to ask my SIL if she can take DS with her to VBS.

Hopefully after I post this, I will be able to check to see if the chickens have laid any more eggs – they lay 7-9 every day now. Then I may settle down to work on my crochet granny square blanket again. I would love to finish that soon as I am not that far from using all the scraps that I pulled for this one. Oh yes! I did get some more knitting completed on the heel of the second sock that I carry with me to pick DD up from work. Maybe we’ll get that done one of these days soon, too.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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