Progress, but no pictures :(

There has been progress on the second crochet blanket. I have added the 5th color but won’t finish it tonight. Perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend.

DD ordered part of her books for college today through She saved around $200 on these three and should have them no later than the 20th of this month. Monday we will go to the bookstore and purchase/order the remaining two books she needs. Thankfully she has been saving her money because the refund for her Pell Grant won’t be available until after school starts. Tomorrow we will go to JCPenney to see if we can spend her multiple gift cards on clothes and/or shoes for school and/or work. She also has a gift card from Kohl’s which we will spend another day.

DS wants to wait until closer to the start of school to spend his Old Navy gift card. We did wander through Wal-Mart to see what he liked for shirts and dress pants. I wish I had time to make him shirts as he says he would wear them. Maybe once the garden is harvested, canned/frozen, and we are settled into a routine for the school year I can sew a bit for everyone.

The kids have been really helpful with the garden and yard work. We are getting okra and green beans every day and DS picked some cucumbers as well, today. While DS was “trench” watering the garden, DD and I pulled lots of goat heads. They are growing like mad in the back yard and we found that pulling the up was more effective in getting rid of them than spraying with RoundUp. We also don’t kill our grass that way, so we water the next area we want to work so it is ready to weed the next day. There are patches of dirt that are slowly starting to grow grass again so I’m hoping this works.

Tomorrow while we are out running errands, DD and I will stop at Lowe’s to pick up 50′ of chicken wire fencing. We are extending our fence so that the chickens can help us with our tumbleweeds. Hopefully it will be a win/win for both of us. DH and DS will need to put the fence up on Sunday as well as increase the height of the fence for the small side section of our current chicken pen. This will allow us to let the buff Orpington out of the brooder box and wander around without getting pecked at again by the other hens. She is healing and doing better and we want to keep it that way. This will also help to secure our long-term nursery/quarantine area.

Not much else to add at this point except Knit Picks has a new yarn, Stroll Tweed, that I am hoping to splurge on some day. I love the look of it, but will need to wait a bit. I’m trying really hard to use up the yarn that I have.


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